It's been so hot, they turned Red!

Hello World!

   If you were wondering, yes, I did make a post yesterday morning. If you were wondering what happened to it... I deleted  it. Life is really just too short to complain. Just because one has a bad day is no reason to tell the WHOLE world about it. So ... On a happier note! I went Raspberry picking Saturday!!

I have been praying for God to show ways for me to make money this summer, and I asked a friend if she had any suggestions. She suggested Strawberry picking, but by the time it was becoming a possibility for me to do so, strawberries were not really the high point of the season anymore.

Blueberries were!
So I looked up different blueberry farms -that were fairly close by - that needed pickers. Many E-mails and phone calls commenced. This one was the only one that E-mailed me back in the positive though, saying "YES, we need pickers!" So with water, sunnies, and Zune in hand, my sweet momma and I made our way to the farm.

Hah! That was just the beginning. We got there and it turns out it isn't even a blueberry farm!
They do raspberries!
Thankfully we both know how to pick raspberries. ;) So with water, sunnies, Zune, and fanny-pack raspberry containers in hand, we made our way to the several rows of raspberries.
We picked for 4 hours and each picked 8 half flats.

The Blueberries. It was just so hot, they turned red! :D

The berries were OH SO GOOD too!!!
(Of course I had to taste some! Just to make sure they weren't poisonous. ;D )

I would definitely go pick for pay or pleasure at this farm again. It was fairly easy picking, and except for the part when a bird pooped on me ... ( NOT FUN!) It was really rather enjoyable! The owners are very nice and sweet people, and said that they would keep my name and number in mind if they had another opening for pickers. 

Of course there were selfies. :D


  1. Haha I love your title :D classy. So fun that you guys got to go do that! Hopefully you'll have even more opportunities to do more picking in the near future :)


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