Friday, October 21, 2016

Cali-Dresses 1/5

Hello World!

Remember how I mentioned in this post how I had gotten 5 dresses while on my mini vacation with my mom? Well I thought I'd base my next few fashion posts on how I am "warming up" my summer dresses for the wet Washington weather we are having!

Dress no. 1





The weather has been cold and rainy, but we do have a very toasty warm, wood burning stove indoors. Thus on the days when we won't be going anywhere this light and breezy dress has come in handy. With it being a white I have yet to wear it with tights for fear that they'd show through, so for warmth I have simply added on a plaid and a fun pair of socks and I'm ready for the day.

Dress: Gap
Plaid: ana
Socks: K.Bell
Shoes: Reef
Earrings: Francesca's