Posts can do what?

Wait…You can do what?
Although some of you seem interested in the topic of skating, I have a feeling there are some begrudging readers,who have been disappointed that all the topics covered thus far have only been on the history of the sport and the building of confidence. But if you have stuck with me until now then you will be well rewarded, as in this post post I have decided to dive into some of the details of Longboard Dancing. Now before you look askance and start mumbling under your breath that this post’s topic sounds stupid, I want you to watch this video by VeyVey Films (2015).
The above video is what inspired me to take my mediocre skating skills and turn it into something I’m passionate about and want to become skillful in. I’m unsure of the exact timeline of when longboard dancing started, but I know that it was first adopted as a style of skating in European and Asian culture. Although it is slowly starting to trend in America, to this day, you will still find many skaters f…

Now that you know what it is…do you think you can do it?

What is Skating?

Lawn Butler