Friday, January 20, 2017

Mom Jeans

Hello World!

What better way to get a start back into blogging than with a fashion post?
Today's post is on, yep you read it right, Mom-Jeans.
Now to some people, mom jeans, seem out dated and uninteresting.
But to people like me, who thrive on thrifted comfortable clothes, they are heaven!
I've never really been one who likes to wear their clothes lower on their waist, so having the high waist come back in style definitely has my vote. 
Now there might even be some people out there who are raising their eyebrows and wondering
 "What is she talking about? What are mom jeans?"
Hahah, well good sir and miss, then read on!
Mom jeans refer to high-waisted jeans that are normally baggy.
In the 70's the style was popular for girls to wear, and eventually, as with all fashion trends, it died down, and so did the waistline. The name for the so-called-mom-jeans is from when girls trying to find a new trend and style decide to go through their mom's closet and old packed away boxes of clothes come across these jeans from the past and decide to be original and try a new style.
So it's pretty much the 70's coming back.
And you thought that it had gone for good. ;)
Mine are not my mom's because we tend to be the type of family with the motto of "I don't like this anymore, it's not stylish, I never wear it, it's not really my size, it has a hole, ect,. Goodwill it!"
We aren't much of a family that holds onto things that are just sitting there collecting dust. 
With that being said I did pick up this pair of jeans for free at our church's clothing ministry.
(It actually reaches out to the community, but if you work there you get "first-hand dibs on second-hand clothes") 
I also am a huge advocate of wearing band T-Shirts.
One of the reasons why I like this shirt so much is because it has practically my motto for life on it.
  "In the Darkness, I'll Dance, in the Shadows I'll Sing. The Joy of the Lord is my Strength."
P.S Obviously, my real motive for this casual photoshoot was because my hair was looking good!

And of course, one can't wear an outfit without crazy socks.
For my birthday and Christmas I received countless pairs, and have now become known as the sock collector.
A, name I am very proud of!