Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello World!

For a long time I have seen pictures of this dress, by the company Shabby Apple, floating around in my Pinterest feed.
I honestly to goodnessly to seriously adore it!
But...It's a little bit out of my price range.

I recently came into the ownership of an old Mennonite dress.
It looked similar to this one.

At first I thought I'd try my hand at just hemming the Mennonite dress and voila it's a Shabby Apple makeover!
But once I started chopping, I started cutting, and once I started cutting, I started basting, and once I started basting, I started sewing, and then I came across this picture on Pinterest.
The bow back stole my heart!

I finally emerged from my scraps of fabric, thread stuck to my clothes, pins, and scissor wielding project, and this is what I created.  
I even gave myself pockets!
Because dresses with pockets equal pure bliss.

The back's bow is more subtle than planned but I'm still proud of myself for giving it a try, especially since I had no pattern that I worked off of for this dress.

Happy Fri-Yay, everyone!
What are your fun plans for the day? Are you a Shabby-Apple fan?