Monday, September 21, 2015

Do you remember?

Hello World!

 It is officially fall in my book when it is "the 21st of September. "
And so with that, enjoy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Change

Hello World!

   So you remember those luscious locks of mine?
Yep. Those ones.

I decided I needed a change.
I'm not sure how much Emily ended up cutting off, but from the pile on the floor you can tell it was a lot!

And I now have a inverted, layered lob!

 I know this is really vain....But I LOVE MY HAIR!!! I keep catching a glimpse of myself, and it puts a big ridiculous smile on my face. :D  

Normally I wait about two years before getting my haircut, and normally all I do is just cut it, nothing fancy. This time around though, I wanted a change. 
I was showing a picture to my mom of how I was thinking of getting it cut right as my Papa walked in, home from work. Before I even asked him what he thought he spied the picture and said "Oh, is that what you wanna get? I like that!"
And with that stamp of approval I was ready to hit the salon!

Not only did I get a haircut I'm in love with, my mom got her hair trimmed up as well. It was so fun being able to enjoy a fun girl date with her, complete with a Insta selfie and coffee! :)


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Labor Day Holiday

Hello World!

  My mom recently suggested that we should do a family photo shoot
 before this brother leaves for college.
Since Monday was a national holiday, which most of the family had off, we decided to go driving around and find a brick wall to take pictures at.
Our cousin tagged along too!

Waaaahhh!!!!!!! He's leaving! :(

I'm going to miss him S.O. Much!

Caleb, Ellie, and Abbie
Caleb and Matt.
Matthew, Roger, and Caleb.
Daniel and Abigail.
Rog and me.
Matthew thought it would be fun to tie Caleb's Mad Bomber hat string's into a bow...
Caleb agreed.
Yours truly.
Matt and Me

It was such a beautiful day!
The scenery, weather, company, people, mixed with lots of fun and laughter!
After the taking of pictures, we came home and played board and card games while chillaxing with each other.