Thursday, August 11, 2016

How do people come up with blog post titles?

Hello world!

Remember how I did a blog post on the Liebster Award? ( albeit I may or may not have been feeling sorry for myself for never being nominated...)
*Bubbles and tickertape explode into the air!*
By the beautiful, and amazingly talented ( I MEAN CHECK HER OUT PEOPLES! )

1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you
2.) Share the award on your blog
3.) Answer the 10 questions you are asked
4.) Nominate at least 10 more bloggers
5.) Ask 10 new questions


1.) What is your favorite song at the moment?

I guess I should say Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin because it's currently on repeat...

But I have also been obsessing over this song, 
Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray.

2.) What are 3 things you want to buy right now?

Doc Martens!

An ukulele!

This dress?

3.) What is the best compliment you have ever received?
That's really hard because anytime I have gotten a compliment it makes my day! I also always...
A.) Blush
B.) Smile really big
C.) Probably brush it off
(When really I am having a crazy party on the inside with lots of balloons and streamers!)

 4.) Dream Hair?
I'm not really sure why because I have never been one for colored hair...
But pastel ombre pink hair is for some reason my new favorite look!

I don't have bleach blonde hair though so I don't think I could ever pull it off.
But when girls do pastel ombre in their hair it does make me swoon!

5.) What is one talent you don't have but wish you did?
Being able to paint/draw really well has always been something I have wished for.

6.) Describe your perfect day?
Well here are three things that would make a perfect day.
1.) The day I meet Mr. Right.
2.) The day I become a millionaire and start traveling the whole world
3.) The day I eat all the ice cream and wake up with a six pack

7.) What is your style?
(Hair, home, and dress)

Hair would have to be this style;
My hair is starting to grow out again *skipping for joy!*
And I really like just wearing it down, or in a half pony tail.
It's kind of my go to.

Home would have to be this style;
Brown Beams
 Bistro lights
 Brick and lots of plants
And white tile!

And my style for dress??
 Jean Jackets (preferably with patches and pins)

And overalls.
If I had to put my style into actual words and not pictures though...
Girl Grunge meets Boho Hippy.
I'm all for those Doc Martens and flower crowns!

8.) Ocean or Mountains?
This is surprisingly a lot harder to answer than I originally thought it would be!
I think I'd have to say Ocean.
Nothing really beats the sun, sand, and the sound of the salty ocean lapping against the shore.

9.) Do you collect anything? If so, what?
I have just recently started collecting pins and patches actually!
( Yep, for my jean jackets!)

10.) Do you like to drive? Or prefer the backseat?
Okay so remember how last year I wrote a post on driving? 
I still pretty much feel that way!
I don't have my license yet but am really hoping to by the end of this year.
To me driving is really fun but REALLY stressful!
I just have so much more admiration now for everyone I know who can drive.
Especially a manual car!

My Nominees!

My 10 Questions!
1.) What is your favorite donut? ( i.e maple bar, plain cake, fruitloops on the top ect,.)
2.) If you were to appear in a comedic TV Show what would be your name and character? And what would be your signature phrase, look, or animal?
3.) What is your favorite film from the '90's?
4.) What is one style of dress you think should NEVER be repeated?
5.) What is one style of dress you think should become popular again?
6.) Name a song that brings a happy memory to your mind.
7.) Why for the love of mustard is the bun to hot dog ratio never right?
  *Bonus points if you know which movie this quote is from!*
8.) What is the best pickup line you have ever heard? ( or that has been used on you!? )
9.) Name a musical artist you never thought you'd get into and are now a complete fan of.
10.) Give a random fact about you, your hair, and your hairbrush.

Have fun guys! I can't wait to hear your answers!
*Also, finding people to tag who have not recently being nominated or done this tag was really tricky! *

P.S. All pictures via Pinterest, (Mainly my own boards) and all videos via YouTube.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Just living

Hello World!
So I thought I'd start doing "Life Lately" style posts.
I do sort of already do that...
But this will be the official titling's of such posts so you can now tell the difference between my posts.

Breathing; Air mostly. Nothing new there.

A perfectly aesthetic orange.
And then no-bakes. Which weren't as good as I remembered...

Rooiboos Tea!
( I'm in love with this vanilla flavor we have!!! )

1984 - George Orwell

It was SO AMAZING!!!!
I had heard things about it which made me think it wasn't going to be worth a watch.
But while on a flight home my parents saw the movie, and they enjoyed it greatly.
So my mom suggested I read the book, then watch the movie and do a comparison of the two.
Well, the book has to be one of my new favorites!
I read the whole thing in one day!
( A perk of health issues is sometimes I have to stay in bed = Lots of reading gets done! )
But the movie was an absolutely breathtaking adaption!
I want to now go re-read the book, re-watch the movie, and listen to the soundtrack all day!

Listening; Oh Wonder.
Breaking Benjamin. Needtobreathe. Birdy 
(I currently could name five people who are cringing at the last one mentioned...
But there is something really enchanting about her voice and sound that I just adore!)

Creating; I have currently been doing nothing crafty. Which is sad. I need to remedy that!

Adoring; Blogging!? Like seriously! I have been bitten by a blogging bug! All I want to do is blog. Look at blogs. Comment on blogs. Stalk blogs. Follow blogs. Talk to bloggers. Which in some ways has been amazing, and fun, and in others I feel like I am slowly wasting my summer.

Hating; How often I rely on my strength, and not God's. And how often I size myself up, when I just need to take a deep breathe and move on.

Pinning; Socks. Mostly.


Thinking; *I need to refill my water bottle, and find some chap-stick.*
Profound huh?

Looking Forward To;  DANCING!
I don't take official dance lessons (yet) but would like to!
Currently I am part of a group that meets once a month and taught different moves.
(Swing, Waltz, Two-Step, polka, Salsa, Contra, ect,.)

Featuring; EVELYN!

I just found her blog today, and it is beautiful.