Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Travel Journal Entry: 3/29/16

Hello World!

  This post is on something that to the world is oooooold news. The Meyer Briggs Personality Test; I was reading the latest blog post from this blogger, and she mentioned how she had just recently taken it. Now I have known of the test for quite a while, and I thought I had taken it...but I had sort of been confused by the whole thing, I think. ( I may have followed a dead link... ) So after following her link, I retook the test, and found out I am a...

Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, Turbulent.

This may seem odd, but in a society where it is so hard to love one's self, and be happy with your own image, this blog post is to say that I am happy and proud of being an INFJ-T.
A while back I was reading a blog post from one of the most beautiful and amazing girls I know. She posted upon a list of pictures, on features she has the hardest time loving, of herself. I was really touched by the post, and looking at my own life realize just how often I am so quick to judge myself.

I am not beautiful enough
I am not thin enough
I am not smart enough
I am not helpful, I could be easily replaced

It is so easy to doubt one's self. Some new trials have been occurring in my life, making it all the harder to love my body and self, and yet why shouldn't I? God was the one who made my body.
Not me.
God is perfect, so even though I am a imperfect sinner, I am made perfect through Him.
God only makes beautiful things.
And if God made me, then I am beautiful.
God gave us each a brain and a beautiful mind, and just because Trigonometry sounds horribly daunting and not something I could grasp my head around, does not make me stupid. 
 And God loves our bodies the way they are, as that is the way He made them!
Our body is a temple of the Holy and Living God, and sometimes He sends us trials that pain us physically, and mentally, and make us feel ashamed of our body, but God is never ashamed of what He created, and He still dwells inside of us even when we don't like what the mirror says. 
And last but not least, if God made us and put us here on earth, we ARE here for a reason. Though it is so hard to see the big picture, we are here on an adventure for Him.
Life sounds pretty great and intriguing when you put it as, you are going on an adventure.

I don't normally share such personal topics here on my blog.
But this one seemed like a pretty big decision that I have made on my Adventure in life.
And writing down one's adventures builds up your courage for the next one that comes along.

Friday, March 25, 2016

That Polkadot Girl

Hello World!

  Today I am featuring a dress I was given as a Christmas gift from my big sister. The website where she purchased it from is pretty neat actually. One can find both cute and affordable dresses! Not a common match. I have my eye out on this skirt...It is currently the love of my life. :)

Van Gogh = So much love!




Dress: Sammy Dress
Necklace: ModCloth 
Sweater: Marshals

If you get a chance, you should definitely check out the site, they have some great options!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Hello World!

We recently visited the Burke Museum in downtown Seattle for a school fieldtrip.

I did think of Jurassic Park when I saw this.
And yes.
I do know this is not a mosquito.
Use your imagination. ;)

I was enchanted by the green wall in the back office.

Mr. and Mrs. Burke, themselves.

The museum is only about a block or two from the University of Washington, so we meandered on over to the campus and took pictures in the pouring rain of the grounds, and blooming cherry blossoms.

 It was rather dumping water at this point, so Abby and I found solace under the trees.

As we drove home rainbows kept appearing out of nowhere! It was a lovely day, spent with lovely friends.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Rend Collective Experiment

Hello World!

  So about 3 weeks prior to my Keith Harkin concert trip,
I went to a concert for the band The Rend Collective Experiment.
I can't even begin to say how truly blessed I was by their music and the whole event!
Three out of our group of five:
Myself, JoAnna, and Matthew.
While waiting in line at the venue, they had this little setup.
The opener for Rend Collective was Jon Guerra.
I hadn't heard of him before that night, but I was really wowed by his performance.
And then Rend Collective came on.
And it was a regular party!
Light Shows.
Ticker Tape.
And bubbles!

At one point they threw panda ( And a unicorn ) hats on their heads, and sent "Orbs of Joy"
( a.k.a. beach balls with lights inside ) out into the audience.

Their reason?

"You know, seriousness isn't a fruit of the spirit. Joy is. And we want our concert to be filled with the joy of the Lord, so what better way is there to have fun, and laugh!"


It was that comment and so many more that made it such a wonderful night! Their love for the Lord shows in how they play, and in what they say. Spending a whole night solely devoted to worshiping and glorifying God was pretty awe inspiring.
It's reminders like this where I realize I need to be living everyday for Christ, not just Sundays.
This concert was so very encouraging and uplifting. The next time they are in town, I will without a doubt, be adding it in my schedule to go and see. ;)

Friday, March 18, 2016


Hello World!

  I guess this post should start with a confession of mine.
 I'm a very passionate person.
 And that can turn into getting really excited and obsessed with certain things.

Via Pinterest

This band is one of those things I have a slight obsession over.

I always wanted to go to one of their concerts, but it just never worked to go see them when they were in town, and even that wasn't very often. If I am correct the band is no longer together either. :(
But almost all of the members have successfully started up their own personal band.

Via Pinterest

I hate saying I have a favorite, but when it comes down to it, Keith Harkin was probably always my favorite.

Via Pinterest

Caleb got me his first CD for Christmas about two years ago, and I still have all the songs memorized. 

At first he just did covers, but then he came out with a new album full of original songs by him...

Via Pinterest

And he was going to be playing live in Portland!

And no.
I don't live in Portland.
Caleb does!
So with the OK from my parents, and some last minute texts, I booked a flight, bought a ticket to the concert, and was leaving in less than two weeks!
Through the years, ( And my constant playing of Celtic Thunder and Keith Harkin ) I have turned Caleb into a fan as well, so both of us were buzzing with excitement!

 My Gate.

 It was one of the best ( and shortest ) flights I have ever been on! I am officially in love with night flying, it was so beautiful! It was a smooth flight, and once my jitters quieted down, I was pretty relaxed and confident.

I said relaxed and confident not serious and composed. ;)

I arrived Saturday night, and after a late night we woke up early and went to church!
I was so, so blessed by his church! I felt like the people were friendly, and welcoming, the message sound, and applicable, and the worship upbeat and glorifying.
I seriously can't wait to visit again!

Caleb had to work later on Sunday, so I spent the day meeting his roommates and getting ready for the concert later that night!

 Where the venue was:

It was at this amazing old church that they had installed concert equipment into.

This was kind of my face when I found out that...

We were sitting in the second pew from the stage!

 It was a pretty amazing night! This guy is super talented with his voice and his guitar! He played a mix variety of Irish Ballads  ( due to St. Patrick's Day coming up ) and some of his own stuff. His love for music shows with the passion he plays with. And he even did an encore!
 I can check seeing one of my all time favorite artists, live in concert, off my bucket list. :)

The rest of the trip was spent rocking out to his new CD,
 ( which I purchased there, along with a shirt. )
LOTS of laughter, and visiting Blue Star Donuts in Downtown Portland before driving home.

Stumptown Coffee with the Chocolate Almond Ganache ( Left ) and O.G. ( Original Glazed. )

So many amazing memories! Definitely was the trip of the year, with a ton of unforgettable moments and people.

Here's to Portland!