Rend Collective Experiment

Hello World!

  So about 3 weeks prior to my Keith Harkin concert trip,
I went to a concert for the band The Rend Collective Experiment.
I can't even begin to say how truly blessed I was by their music and the whole event!
Three out of our group of five:
Myself, JoAnna, and Matthew.
While waiting in line at the venue, they had this little setup.
The opener for Rend Collective was Jon Guerra.
I hadn't heard of him before that night, but I was really wowed by his performance.
And then Rend Collective came on.
And it was a regular party!
Light Shows.
Ticker Tape.
And bubbles!

At one point they threw panda ( And a unicorn ) hats on their heads, and sent "Orbs of Joy"
( a.k.a. beach balls with lights inside ) out into the audience.

Their reason?

"You know, seriousness isn't a fruit of the spirit. Joy is. And we want our concert to be filled with the joy of the Lord, so what better way is there to have fun, and laugh!"


It was that comment and so many more that made it such a wonderful night! Their love for the Lord shows in how they play, and in what they say. Spending a whole night solely devoted to worshiping and glorifying God was pretty awe inspiring.
It's reminders like this where I realize I need to be living everyday for Christ, not just Sundays.
This concert was so very encouraging and uplifting. The next time they are in town, I will without a doubt, be adding it in my schedule to go and see. ;)