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  I guess this post should start with a confession of mine.
 I'm a very passionate person.
 And that can turn into getting really excited and obsessed with certain things.

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This band is one of those things I have a slight obsession over.

I always wanted to go to one of their concerts, but it just never worked to go see them when they were in town, and even that wasn't very often. If I am correct the band is no longer together either. :(
But almost all of the members have successfully started up their own personal band.

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I hate saying I have a favorite, but when it comes down to it, Keith Harkin was probably always my favorite.

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Caleb got me his first CD for Christmas about two years ago, and I still have all the songs memorized. 

At first he just did covers, but then he came out with a new album full of original songs by him...

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And he was going to be playing live in Portland!

And no.
I don't live in Portland.
Caleb does!
So with the OK from my parents, and some last minute texts, I booked a flight, bought a ticket to the concert, and was leaving in less than two weeks!
Through the years, ( And my constant playing of Celtic Thunder and Keith Harkin ) I have turned Caleb into a fan as well, so both of us were buzzing with excitement!

 My Gate.

 It was one of the best ( and shortest ) flights I have ever been on! I am officially in love with night flying, it was so beautiful! It was a smooth flight, and once my jitters quieted down, I was pretty relaxed and confident.

I said relaxed and confident not serious and composed. ;)

I arrived Saturday night, and after a late night we woke up early and went to church!
I was so, so blessed by his church! I felt like the people were friendly, and welcoming, the message sound, and applicable, and the worship upbeat and glorifying.
I seriously can't wait to visit again!

Caleb had to work later on Sunday, so I spent the day meeting his roommates and getting ready for the concert later that night!

 Where the venue was:

It was at this amazing old church that they had installed concert equipment into.

This was kind of my face when I found out that...

We were sitting in the second pew from the stage!

 It was a pretty amazing night! This guy is super talented with his voice and his guitar! He played a mix variety of Irish Ballads  ( due to St. Patrick's Day coming up ) and some of his own stuff. His love for music shows with the passion he plays with. And he even did an encore!
 I can check seeing one of my all time favorite artists, live in concert, off my bucket list. :)

The rest of the trip was spent rocking out to his new CD,
 ( which I purchased there, along with a shirt. )
LOTS of laughter, and visiting Blue Star Donuts in Downtown Portland before driving home.

Stumptown Coffee with the Chocolate Almond Ganache ( Left ) and O.G. ( Original Glazed. )

So many amazing memories! Definitely was the trip of the year, with a ton of unforgettable moments and people.

Here's to Portland!


  1. This looks like a cRAZY awesome time and I'm so glad God allowed it to happen!!

  2. Sibs are THE BEST! :-) (Keith is pretty great too!)


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