Travel Journal Entry: 3/29/16

Hello World!

  This post is on something that to the world is oooooold news. The Meyer Briggs Personality Test; I was reading the latest blog post from this blogger, and she mentioned how she had just recently taken it. Now I have known of the test for quite a while, and I thought I had taken it...but I had sort of been confused by the whole thing, I think. ( I may have followed a dead link... ) So after following her link, I retook the test, and found out I am a...

Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, Turbulent.

This may seem odd, but in a society where it is so hard to love one's self, and be happy with your own image, this blog post is to say that I am happy and proud of being an INFJ-T.
A while back I was reading a blog post from one of the most beautiful and amazing girls I know. She posted upon a list of pictures, on features she has the hardest time loving, of herself. I was really touched by the post, and looking at my own life realize just how often I am so quick to judge myself.

I am not beautiful enough
I am not thin enough
I am not smart enough
I am not helpful, I could be easily replaced

It is so easy to doubt one's self. Some new trials have been occurring in my life, making it all the harder to love my body and self, and yet why shouldn't I? God was the one who made my body.
Not me.
God is perfect, so even though I am a imperfect sinner, I am made perfect through Him.
God only makes beautiful things.
And if God made me, then I am beautiful.
God gave us each a brain and a beautiful mind, and just because Trigonometry sounds horribly daunting and not something I could grasp my head around, does not make me stupid. 
 And God loves our bodies the way they are, as that is the way He made them!
Our body is a temple of the Holy and Living God, and sometimes He sends us trials that pain us physically, and mentally, and make us feel ashamed of our body, but God is never ashamed of what He created, and He still dwells inside of us even when we don't like what the mirror says. 
And last but not least, if God made us and put us here on earth, we ARE here for a reason. Though it is so hard to see the big picture, we are here on an adventure for Him.
Life sounds pretty great and intriguing when you put it as, you are going on an adventure.

I don't normally share such personal topics here on my blog.
But this one seemed like a pretty big decision that I have made on my Adventure in life.
And writing down one's adventures builds up your courage for the next one that comes along.


  1. So very proud of you for making this decision. I know its hard, so hard, in not just this society but in the *flesh* to think like this. It feels like an oxymoron where we have to hate ourselves (aka the flesh that thinks negative, sinful thoughts) and love ourselves (aka the beautiful person you're meant to be in Christ) at the same time.

    Keep going strong, girl!
    <3 Ashby

  2. Those tests are kinda fun. Apparently I am an INFJ also. It would be interesting to have someone else answer the questions with you in mind to see if their perception of you, is the same that you have of yourself. (I wonder if that works?) The bottom line though... every day strive to be a better you-in-CHRIST. Don't compare yourself to others because ... you are beautiful YOU! :-)


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