Hello World!

We recently visited the Burke Museum in downtown Seattle for a school fieldtrip.

I did think of Jurassic Park when I saw this.
And yes.
I do know this is not a mosquito.
Use your imagination. ;)

I was enchanted by the green wall in the back office.

Mr. and Mrs. Burke, themselves.

The museum is only about a block or two from the University of Washington, so we meandered on over to the campus and took pictures in the pouring rain of the grounds, and blooming cherry blossoms.

 It was rather dumping water at this point, so Abby and I found solace under the trees.

As we drove home rainbows kept appearing out of nowhere! It was a lovely day, spent with lovely friends.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm surprised you were able to take so many pictures. Many places like that don't let you take photos

    1. I know, it's not very common, so I was definitely lucky! :) You're so welcome, thank you for reading, and the comment! :)


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