Friday, February 24, 2017

12th Night Ball

Hello World!
So I just realized something really tragic.
I never wrote about the ball that my brother, Daniel, and I attended in January!
How could I have let that happen?
Well, better late than never.

It was on January 5th, or otherwise known as the 12th day after Christmas.

Dan and I got dressed up a little earlier than needed to so my mom could snap some pictures of us two.

He is the absolute sweetest!
As my birthday gift he bought me my ticket to the ball and was my escort.

For Christmas I bought him a pair of black suspenders and made him his bowtie.

My dress was a Christmas gift from one of my grandma's!

 We had a great night full of dancing and I couldn't have asked for a better partner!

How's your Fri-Yay going? What's your favorite nut? Mine is a toss-up between cashews and almonds. 

Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello World!

For a long time I have seen pictures of this dress, by the company Shabby Apple, floating around in my Pinterest feed.
I honestly to goodnessly to seriously adore it!
But...It's a little bit out of my price range.

I recently came into the ownership of an old Mennonite dress.
It looked similar to this one.

At first I thought I'd try my hand at just hemming the Mennonite dress and voila it's a Shabby Apple makeover!
But once I started chopping, I started cutting, and once I started cutting, I started basting, and once I started basting, I started sewing, and then I came across this picture on Pinterest.
The bow back stole my heart!

I finally emerged from my scraps of fabric, thread stuck to my clothes, pins, and scissor wielding project, and this is what I created.  
I even gave myself pockets!
Because dresses with pockets equal pure bliss.

The back's bow is more subtle than planned but I'm still proud of myself for giving it a try, especially since I had no pattern that I worked off of for this dress.

Happy Fri-Yay, everyone!
What are your fun plans for the day? Are you a Shabby-Apple fan? 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Through the Lenses Part 2

Hello World!

As promised these pictures are from the fall photoshoot I went on and are taken from my perspective.

Such a beauty!
Beat that; my brother is David Bowie
The artist at work
I'm not sure why, but I like graffiti art
I wouldn't recommend smoking if you want optimum health
Tiles = all my love!
The colors were SO vibrant!
Annie. <3
It started to drizzle so I tried to snap a picture of the water ripples.
I have no idea what type of bug this is

And that's it!
It was such a fun shoot and day.
Here's to hoping another one is soon in planning!

What are your plans this Monday? What are your thoughts on the actor Brendan Fraser?