Photoshoot // Fall Part 1

Hello World!

Guess what!?!??
I completely spaced and forgot that I have a folder on my computer full of pictures for designated blog posts!
(Never mind the fact that the folder is titled in caps...)

But because of my dunce move, I had forgotten that for close to 5 months now I have had a post about a fall photoshoot that I went on with two of my dear friends, and brother!

Emmali took the pictures, and Annie, her helpful sister, held props and equipment, while me and my brother goofed off and had fun being the models.
(This post is so long overdue, and I'm so very sorry to both brother and photographer for not posting it sooner.)
I decided last minute to take along my own camera and so these pictures are the one's taken by Emmali and next week's will be what I saw through the lenses.



That's it for today, again a HUGE thank you to Emmali and Annie!

What are you doing to get past Hump Day? Do you miss fall as well? 


  1. These pictures are amazing! (As always!) The woodland vibe and feel is always a great one. What is getting me past hump day is the fact that tomorrow is my Friday.

    1. Thanks Nessa! You should totally check out Emma's blog, it's SO worth it!!

  2. I very much enjoyed this post.... dang my man's got a smolder... *cough* ooooook moving along... Hannah, you looked beautiful :)

    1. *died* Ohmygawsh Joanna, this comment made my day! ;)


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