Friday, May 27, 2016

Floral Print

 Hello World!

Do you remember in this post,
how I mentioned that I had taken an old maternity dress of my mom's and changed it up a bit?
Well, here is my post on it!
When she gave it to me it was mid calf length with ties, and well. Maternity. 
I personally really liked the length, and I would just tie the ties in the front, to sort of taper in the waistline.
But then the ties ripped off of the dress.
I was so seriously, so sad!
Since there were two gaping holes in the side of the dress, and it was now tie-less I decided to do a little D (do) I (it) Y (yourself) project.
In sewing up the sides, I had to take off the skirt completely and thus decided to shorten it trying to decrease the frumpiness, as it now was with out ties. For some odd reason, even though I measured and re-measured it ended up a bit shorter in the long run, yet it is still one of my favorite pieces of clothes in my wardrobe. This dress is by far one of the comfiest I own! 
I hope you all enjoy this post, and next time I do a DIY, I'll try to catch before pictures. ;)  

And this picture is because that is me on a typical photoshoot.
What is one of your favorite staples in your wardrobe? 
Are you one for serious, or silly faces on photoshoots ?

Dress: Oh! Mama
Coat: JCPenny
Hat: Dollar Store
Shoes: Nicole

Friday, May 20, 2016

That Polkadot Girl

Hello World!

In my last post, I mentioned that I enjoy sewing with a machine to make a lot of my clothes.
So I thought I'd show you my "Easter Parade" Dress!
I seem to have a thing for nicknaming my clothes...
But ever since I made this dress, I have worn it every year for Easter. 

The pattern I used.

And the finished product.

The dress has served me for many occasions as it is the perfect dress for going dancing, a summer party, dressing up '50's or for just twirling in front of a rhododendron bush. ;)

 Lipstick: Burt's Bees
Dress: Made by yours truly
Belt: Coach
Shoes: Curfew

Friday, May 13, 2016

Where I Shop

Hello World!

This post is for all of us who feel like a beached whale every day, until we go shopping for clothes and we realize we are mice. You would think shopping would boost my self confidence at all the clothes I seem to easily find that I don't fit into, but in all honesty after a while it can get a little discouraging.
My mom taught me how to sew on a sewing machine when I was about 10 years old, and it is one of the best skills she has ever taught me. It really helped for those years when I was still growing, and was too big for the girl's size, didn't like the teens clothes, and didn't fit into the women's sizes.
Funny thing?
It is still one of the best skills that she has ever taught me, as I'm still too big for the girl's clothes, don't like the teens clothes, and don't fit into the women's sizes. 
I'm not sure how it started.
 A random shirt caught my eye.
A hope that the random clothes item would fit when I took it into the dressing room with me.  
But I found I actually fit in the Girl's section of Target!
They still carry those pants that have a cinch-able waist.
They carry cute clothes.
With patterns that I would wear.
And it fits!
Did I mention that their clothes fit me? 
Okay, maybe I am a little over excited.
Anyways, this fashion post is on some of my fabulous Target finds. 

With Summer coming I have been looking everywhere for shorts, and these are the bomb-diggity!
Mainly because they are high-waisted. :) 

A while back I picked up a matching gray and black V-Neck t-shirt from Target.
They looked like a good staple to have in one's closet, but I realized for being staples I never wore them. So with some handy-dandy scissors, I made them into crop tops which come in super handy with high-waisted shorts and pants!
And now I wear the shirts all the time. ;)

My Nirvana shirt is from, yep you guessed it, Target.
But, funny thing I wasn't in the Girl's section when I found it.
 It is actually from the Guy's section.
So I might start doing more shopping in that area....It's dangerous how many band shirts they carry!

I actually picked up this hat for free at my church a long while back.
 When picking out my clothes for this post, I randomly plopped it upon my head
 but when I happened to glance at the tag I realized it is also from Target!
Looks like I shopped there before I even knew I did.

Shorts: Target
Yellow Striped Shirt: Target
Black and Gray V-Necks: Target
Nirvana Shirt: Target
Hat: Target
Earrings: Francesca's
Shoes: Reef


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Phone Dump and While In Betweens

Hello World!

This post is a bit different.
It's kind of exactly what my title says it is too.
A phone dump, with lots of #Whileinbetween photos.   

The other morning a thick fog had settled in the sky right as the sunrise hit. 
With the sun streaming through, it was pretty stunning.

My siblings made me a bike.
I never did a post on it, and I don't know why because I was tickled pink!
It's been pretty fun riding everywhere with my siblings.

While out on a drive with my brother the sunset was simply gorgeous.

I've been trying my hand at late coffee art.
This was meant to be a heart.

My mom and I went on a walk together the other day,
and while looking over the pictures I had taken on my phone, they were about a thousand and one of nature.
So here are some of the best shots. 

For Mother's Day we rode on a ferry and spent the day relaxing on the other side and beach combing.
These are some of the random pictures I took of the day.

Reading in the car.

 Because while everyone is waiting to board a ferry they take a picture of their outfit.
I was very proud of my new Nirvana shirt. ;)

>> It was a good day <<