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Hello World!

  These past two weeks have been pretty comical for me.
The topic of fashion has come up with friends of late, and if I happen to ask
"What would you categorize my fashion style as?"
 The answers I receive always seem to vary and often surprise me.
So far "My style" is...
'90's Fashon.
And excitable.
The funny thing?
I have no idea how I would categorize it myself.
I think I have declared my fashion sense as "living in Washington."
Washington tends to tease one with the weather.
 One day you are in glorious sunshine with sandals, shorts, and sunnies, and the next it's beautifully overcast with wind storms, where you can't help but wear that cute dress and have your hair in messy curls.  
Anyways, I thought it would be fun to do a post that has pictures from my fashion board on Pinterest, and ask all of YOU what your thoughts are of my fashion!
It is Pinterest, so of course this is just my dream closet, but it is also what I like to base my own wardrobe off of and like to wear.

Dresses for me = A LOT of love! :)
Overalls are another one of my favorite things.
Rompers look so comfy to me!
This is kind of my life motto...
Mom Jeans ( Or high-waisted jeans ) have become my favorite type of pants to wear.
I have a HUGE thing for suspenders. :)
I actually do own a dress and jacket like this. ( Blog post soon. )

So what do you think?
How would you categorize my style?
How would you categorize your own style?  


  1. I think...."chic"/European because you rock the hats and sunnies. :-)

    1. Thanks mommy! You ALWAYS know how to make my day. X)

  2. Ohhhh.... No idea. It is very chic. I love the shirt overalls

  3. Replies
    1. Aw thanks, Vanessa! I take that as a compliment. :) I know right? Overalls that are also dresses, are my absolute favorite! <3

  4. Hahaha I totally remember when you disliked rompers :P
    Okay so I said grunge (from what you've been wearing of late), but this doesn't really look grunge! It looks more chic... and kind of hipster-ish? Sorry I can't be of more help. Honestly I think most people don't "know" until they're in their 20's. Because by then you've kind of established your life and you're purchasing your own clothes more often, you know what I mean? So I say: don't worry about it! Just wear whatever you feel like and do it with confidence. :)

    1. I know! I totally used to look down on them! Just like high-lows, AND overalls! I seriously think I just like clothes once they aren't trendy. X)

  5. I believe your style is the 'hannah style' aka a combination of everything :) annnnnd then there is my style 'poor college student who likes leather' haa.

    1. Aw, thanks Jo!! :) <3 Hhahah! You're so funny! XD ALSO! You need to check out my new page entitled "Bucket List". I need to start saving. ;D

  6. Your style need not be classified as ANYTHING. It is simply YOU and I love it!! The reason clothes look so cute on you is because of your sunny disposition. Love you, Auntie K

    1. Aw, Auntie K. you ARE the best! Thank you so much for you sweet comment. :) Totally missing you and the sunny weather by the way. ;)


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