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 Hello World!

Do you remember in this post,
how I mentioned that I had taken an old maternity dress of my mom's and changed it up a bit?
Well, here is my post on it!
When she gave it to me it was mid calf length with ties, and well. Maternity. 
I personally really liked the length, and I would just tie the ties in the front, to sort of taper in the waistline.
But then the ties ripped off of the dress.
I was so seriously, so sad!
Since there were two gaping holes in the side of the dress, and it was now tie-less I decided to do a little D (do) I (it) Y (yourself) project.
In sewing up the sides, I had to take off the skirt completely and thus decided to shorten it trying to decrease the frumpiness, as it now was with out ties. For some odd reason, even though I measured and re-measured it ended up a bit shorter in the long run, yet it is still one of my favorite pieces of clothes in my wardrobe. This dress is by far one of the comfiest I own! 
I hope you all enjoy this post, and next time I do a DIY, I'll try to catch before pictures. ;)  

And this picture is because that is me on a typical photoshoot.
What is one of your favorite staples in your wardrobe? 
Are you one for serious, or silly faces on photoshoots ?

Dress: Oh! Mama
Coat: JCPenny
Hat: Dollar Store
Shoes: Nicole


  1. I have always LOVED that dress on Mum! It looks super cute on you! BTW a thick brown belt around the waist would make it even cuter ;)

    And to answer your questions - I love the laughter photos. When someone gets the model to laugh. Those are the best!

    My favorite in my wardrobe...my favorite blue jeans from Buckle, my Warhammer t-shirt and my red wolf hoodie and to top it all off my Five Finger shoes! ;)

  2. You. Are. Amazing. Who else could turn a maternity dress into something so adorable. Love ya!

    1. Aw, Auntie K! XD Thaaaannks. X) Love, and MISS you too!! <3

  3. You are so photogenic and sweet. I love it!

  4. Replies
    1. Aw thanks Megs! XD Also, my phone died, and haven't been able to text anyone, and I don't seem to have your email?? So you should totally email me, so we can chat. ;)

  5. That dress is so flow-y and feminine. It looks so cute on you. :-)


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