Hello World! 

Remember this outfit from my last post?

 Well, here is the blog post I promised.

There is a slightly comical story about these shoes actually.
A friend of mine had given them to me as she had two pairs that, except for the size, were the exact same. Upon trying the pair on, I realized my feet aren't as petite as hers. So sitting and standing for poses on this fashion post was fine, but trying to walk was pretty pitiful to watch.

Black Dress: Made by yours truly.
Red Plaid: BEA Jach's Girlfriend
Combat Boots: Blondo
Sneakers: Reef
Jean Jacket: JC Penny
Hat: Dollar Store
Sunnies: Charmin Charlie's
LipStick: Burt's Bee's



  1. How can you go wrong with a basic black tunic style dress, a plaid flannel, and a denim jacket for staples in your closet?
    As for the shoes?
    "If you don't think shoes are important, just ask Dorothy or Cinderella". :-)
    Love your style...and your SMILE.

  2. This is SO FUN! You're gorgeous ;) Such a classic outfit and the flowers are really flattering to your coloring! (Haha I rhymed... :P)

    1. Hahah! :D Awwww, thanks Ashby!!! X) <3 <3 The best thing is how dang comfy the dress is. ;)


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