A Change

Hello World!

   So you remember those luscious locks of mine?
Yep. Those ones.

I decided I needed a change.
I'm not sure how much Emily ended up cutting off, but from the pile on the floor you can tell it was a lot!

And I now have a inverted, layered lob!

 I know this is really vain....But I LOVE MY HAIR!!! I keep catching a glimpse of myself, and it puts a big ridiculous smile on my face. :D  

Normally I wait about two years before getting my haircut, and normally all I do is just cut it, nothing fancy. This time around though, I wanted a change. 
I was showing a picture to my mom of how I was thinking of getting it cut right as my Papa walked in, home from work. Before I even asked him what he thought he spied the picture and said "Oh, is that what you wanna get? I like that!"
And with that stamp of approval I was ready to hit the salon!

Not only did I get a haircut I'm in love with, my mom got her hair trimmed up as well. It was so fun being able to enjoy a fun girl date with her, complete with a Insta selfie and coffee! :)



  1. SO PRETTY AHH! :D Love it!! Lookin amazzzzzing!

    1. THANKS!!! XD If I didn't before, I now LOVE Emily for forever! :D

  2. You look MA-VELOUS! :-) It's a good look. ;-)

  3. Its *gorgeous* girl!! I bet it looks even more amazing in person! =D Does it feel simply incredible??

    1. Thanks!!! Yah, pretty much, styling it is tons of fun! :)

  4. It looks absolutely wonderful on you!! Isn't chopping your hair off great fun?! :) I chopped my hair from almost waist length to a chin length bob about three years ago, and it took me a little while to get over the initial shock, and then I loved the change. :)

    1. Aw thanks Becca! Yes, yes it is! Aw, I bet it looked great on you. ;) P.S I *will* reply back to your E-mail shortly! ;)

  5. AWMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's sooo pretty:)


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