Yummy Smoothie

Hello World!

  I was experimenting in the kitchen the other day, with some slightly random ingredients, and actually came up with this fantastagreat recipe for a chocolate smoothie!

 If you are anything like me, chocolate is kind of life.
As such, I have tried to create the 'perfect chocolate smoothie' before, but always ended up with just a large glass of gloop. :/ 
Not very attractive ... or even remotely yummy. 
I have tried the chococado, but for me it is now ruined as I think once I used an avocado and some spinach that was just a little too old. 0-o

As an extra bonus- instead of just telling you about my wonderful creation- here's the tutorial. ;)  
Is he not adorable? He couldn't wait for me to be done taking pictures, and actually make the smoothie.
The Ingredients:
Place pieces from 1 banana into blender.
Add 2 Dates- Pitted

Add 1 1/2 C. Milk

Add 3 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder
1 Heaping Tbsp. Cashew butter.
Or Almond, if using Almond Milk.
A Dash of Vanilla
And some crushed ice.
Blend well.
And Enjoy!
*Tip from author*
I doubled this recipe, so I got 2 1/2 mason jars full. 

Can you tell which is my glass?


  1. And, it IS yummy!! Can't wait for breakfast time. :-)


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