Is anyone there?

 Hello World!

  I know, it has literally been forever since I last posted. But honestly, it is SO hard to think of something to blog about! It's been a little tricky for me to blog as well, since I am NO writer. Let me tell you, it is no easy task trying sound like yourself while using correct grammar and punctuation, and trying sound like an interesting and fun blogger! Sheesh!
Who knew blogging was so much work?
Anywhoot! I have been busy of late, so that is also the reason for lack of posting.
Here are some of the things that I have been busy with;

Such a good read! Thanks mama for the suggestion. :)

I finally finished the sequel! 

I just started this one.


These are a couple of the songs I am teaching myself.


I really like them...
I decided to try listening to Elvis again ... And I still don't like him.

His song "The Way You Look Tonight" = Swoon worthy.

Washi Tape is my new best friend. :)

A friend is paying me to make her some skirts ... and this is some of the fabric for them.

 We spontaneously went to some garage sales this morning.  And these were my finds.  

A tank.

A dress.

An anklet.

A pair of gold earrings.

A pair of mirrored silver earrings.

And that is what I have been up to. Besides enjoying the glorious sunshine. :)


  1. Well, I think you are fun blogger and I like to see what you are up to. I especially like your new earrings. :-)

  2. I absolutely adore the forest green tank!!
    I love posts like these Hannah you should do a 'Monthly Favorites" section where on the last day of every month you just blog about the music, books and such that you've liked of the month!!
    just an idea....

    1. Aw, thanks so much Abby! Oh my goodyness, I love the idea! I think it a gnarley idea, and am gonna take you up on it. :)


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