Portland Adventures Part 2

Hello World!
  I'm back! Funny how one doesn't realize how often they use the internet until one is with out it for almost 2 weeks. (Thus the intermission on the Portland Adventures.) Now then where was I ...
Oooh, right! Driving.
The first day was spent in the long drive down. Though going to Portland was the reason for our trip, we made a detour to Eugene to visit some family first. We arrived much later than we wanted to -due to traffic- so the next morning we made plans to go to breakfast and visit a park to get more time with family before continuing on down to Portland.  

   The bomb-diggity bakery we ate at.
Whilst the "adults" went inside to order the food, I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple shots of the sibs.




Peek-a-boo with Ellie.
And then the coffee arrived! 

Yes please!

 And the food.

That donut hole looks divine!

Uh... yum!

Doesn't that just look amazing!?

Some sort of yummy looking eggy dish ...

My 3rd cousins, Great Aunt, and Papa.

 I stole the camera again while at the park and took advantage of the opportunity to not only get pictures of my sibs and the scenery, but of my sweet Mama, who never has pictures taken of herself. 
 She claims she isn't photogenic.
I beg to digger.

Isn't she beautiful?!




Aren't they just so adorable!?

The cool "Swiss Family Robinson" looking tree.

Yours truly.

Pretty soon we were taking a group shot, giving big hugs to family, and typing in directions for Portland! 
Too be continued ...


  1. That food makes me so hungry. The pictures of your mother are lovely.

    1. Aw thanks! I'm still finding my way with photography, so thanks for the support. ;)

  2. Oh I completely agree, your mother is very photogenic;)


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