Portland Adventures Part 3

Hello World!

  I'm sure by now you are all wondering the REAL reason we went down to Portland ... Well ... It was to watch my Papa compete in a downhill longboard race! Boy, oh boy, was it amazing! Have you ever seen someone longboard? If not you really should check out some videos on YouTube. I'm SO proud of my Papa -in more ways than one- but to see him skate and compete in longboard competitions, makes me just swell with pride! So Part 3 is a recap of the race at Mount Tabor in Portland  

Chillian' like villians, while waiting for the race to start.

Doing a messy bun in my mamma's hair.

Part of the Course

At one point I had the bright idea to take pictures of my Dad practicing! Great except he goes SO FAST!!!!!:P

I was eating lots of dust...


When the racing started, my momma and I switched on and off using her camera to get shots of my Papa as he passed by. 


A U-Haul truck would drive the racers up to the top of the hill.

Heading Down to pick everyone up.


At one point I climbed to the top of the mountain to take pictures.

And grabbed a shot of the fantastagreat view.
 After the racing had finished we decided we all needed some coffee. So we packed up and headed on out to look for someplace fun to try.

We decided on Case Study Coffee.

They had AWESOME lights, and seating! So artsy.

And the coffee?

Yah Buddy, it was good!!!
After Coffee we walked around and I snapped shots from my Mom's phone of different shops. 

And of the lampposts covered in posters...
  It was such an a.m.a.z.i.n.g experience, and an absolutely fantastagreat day! Many wonderful memories were made! I also got really inspired, so perhaps at the next competition, there will be another racer at the start line. ;)
P.S I know, this post is late! :p Hopefully the next ones will happen sooner!
P.S.S ALL the Portland Pictures that I have posted are/were taken by me. ( unless I'm in them. ;) )


  1. Aww, I want to go to "Green Bean Books" so badly now!!!

  2. I know right!? Sadly we actually never went in ( it was closed. :( ) But next time we go!...


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