Portland Adventures Part 4

Hello World!
 Today is the last day telling of our Portland Adventures. It was such a wonderful time that ended far too soon. I have so enjoyed posting on it!
   With all of the Longboard competing and Family visiting done, the last day in Portland was spent in the city exploring. ( I took SO MANY pictures of the BEAUTIFUL brick buildings, and the lovely scenery! Bear with me. :) )
Driving into the city.

No we didn't go in. Though I wanted to. ;)
Yah Buddy!
Coffee First!
Loved this place!
The Outside ...

And the Inside.

Their brew has a more nutty taste.
Gah! Their brick wall!!!
I tried their specialty Cold Brew.
Walking ...
We did lots.
Gah! I was in love. :)
Yes, we went into Ross...
And I bought Aviators.

Of course!

This lil guy was just contentedly parked on the street.


They have statues instead of foliage in the middle of their round-a-bouts...

and lamp-posts all along their streets!!


Oh look we're walking!
This brother is leaving pretty soon to go here...

I'll admit it was nice to see where he is going to school.

The sky was just drop-dead gorgeous!
Dan the Man
Aqua Brick

Can't decide if I like this picture better in Black and White...
or with color...
I know it sounds silly, but they had awesome fire-escapes!

After we saw Portland University, we walked back to get some Voodoo Donuts!!

There it is!!
The LONG line!
 I ADORE donuts by the way, so this was a definite high-light of our trip. :)
( You see the brick wall? Well, it had sparkles on it!!!! I was SO IN LOVE! AND on top of that, people would take their gum, stick it on a penny, and stick it to the wall.
 I had dead gum and a penny. To the disgust of some siblings, I joined the fad. ;) )

 After Voo-Doo Donuts, ( Sadly I didn't get a picture of them. :P ) We drove to Hawthorne place to walk around a bit, and take pictures at the Aqua Wall across the street from the Waffle Window.

Most of the gang. Photo credit:

(Sadly we really didn't get like any pictures at the Aqua wall,
and the ones that were taken didn't turn out. :p)
And that dear people, was my first ever Portland Trip! It was fantastic, and amazing. Dazzling, and Eye-opening. Adventurous, and quiet. But most of all, many beautiful memories were made. 


  1. Ahh, this is so fun:)
    Is that line in front of Voodoo Doughnuts normal? That's crazy!!

  2. Yes! It IS the normal line! That is how popular, and good they are. :)


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