Hello World!

 Yes, I'm back from limbo and posting! So sorry for that interlude of quietness on this front.
But you'll never guess what I've been up to!
It was just me and my mom, and it was fantabulously amazing!!!
Many fond memories were made that I'll always remember and smile about when I think back on them. I just can't do the trip justice. 
Neither can pictures.
Probably because most of them are blurry.
 We were kept on a constant move. ;)
I've decided to try to give you a small lowdown on our trip through the pictures I got here and there with my phone though.
We had to kill some time at the airport before our flight, and there was a beautiful display of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, in the artsy Sub Pop Shop.
Our gate.

Music, Snacks and my trusty Journal were the perfect mix for the flights.

The beautiful view.
We were greeted by our charming host upon arrival.
After the happy squeals of being actually there in the flesh with Auntie K in California, and hugs were given all around, coffee was first on the list. 

And of course I got iced. I mean we were in Cali after all.
We went into Downtown Pasadena later, and did some shopping.

Thank you Brian Puterman!

Coffee was of course our first stop.  
Intelligentsia Coffee to be exact!

They had a brick wall!

This was actually not my coffee, but the late art was too stunning to not snap a picture of.

This was my coffee.

Anthropology and Hedgehogs.

A cozy bistro set up in a remote back street, with nothing but brick and twinkle lights surrounding it.
Bistro lights, and Sugarfina on the right, next.  


Bottega Louie's ensued the following morning.  


And an empty plate of Macarons.

We headed to an AMAZING bookstore when we had finished brunch.

The view from the second story.


There was even a small art gallery.




and Pedi's finished the day!

Passing the crossed palm trees at In-N-Out while on our way to the beach.

Such lovely!

We were treated to dinner at the delicious Crab Cooker.
What I ate: Shrimp and Bacon Kabob, Mashed Potatoes, and Tomatoes.

Palm tree sightings while walking around Balboa Island.

One Medium Frozen Banana, complete with Chocolate sprinkles.

Look! I'm sparing you a picture of the coffee, and giving you a picture instead of the art Starbucks had hanging. ;) 

We rode to and from the beach in a convertible Jeep with the top down the whole time.
Me, after the wind and ocean got to my hair.
It was luscious!

Visiting the most adorable sweet shop yet!
Lolli and Pops.

The Gummy room.

The Chocolate Room.

So hard to make a decision!

The Ice Cream Parlor.

 Pretty soon we were back on a plane, and on our way home.
I just can't thank Auntie K., and my Grandma enough for spoiling me and my momma rotten.
We were so pampered!  
My room kind of exploded when I got home... At least in this picture all of the laundry and clothes are IN the laundry basket.
And thus the reason for my dazed state and no blogging. :) 


  1. Looks like so much fun!!!! I'm so jealous! :D

    1. It was SO AMAZING! Thanks for helping to make it possible. :)

  2. I hope that there will be more trips with you just like this one. What a special time I had with you! XO

  3. That book store is DEVINE. *sigh* I mean, a mini art gallery in the back corners? Can it get any better?
    You're rocking that hair girl! So jealous of ocean-salt wind-tossed hair. It is seriously the best.
    That is one hECK of a candy store!! Thank goodness they don't have one in seattle... we might have to work out more often :P
    I'm SO HAPPY you were able to go on this amazing adventure! We still need to sit down and discuss it in length!

    1. Yes, Thank you, yes, yes and YES!!! 😍

  4. This is awesome... it was so amazingly wonderful to have you for a few days!! I love you so much!!
    P.S. I'm pretty sure we should all upgrade to "large" bananas next time. The medium was just a couple bites short of my complete satisfaction. :-)

    1. Aw! Thanks Auntie K!!!! It was such an absolute blast!!! I already miss you all. Love you! 😍
      P.S You know, you're right! Also, next time I think I'll skip the grapefruit lotion. πŸ˜‰


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