Happy Fall

Hello World!

 Last week, out of the orange, one of the dear Abby's that I know surprised me with a Happy Fall gift! Can I just say HOW THRILLED I AM?! I mean... A Happy Fall Gift!? Who Even? I LOVE Fall. And gifts out of the red are SO FUN! She made me pretty giddy, and to top it all off....
It was a Wreck It Journal!!

I had only *just* heard about this a couple weeks ago, when some friends and I bopped around downtown Seattle for the day.

Write your name backwards...you sillies.
That left hand tho!

Some family have even enjoyed helping me out. :)
My dear Mommy came across this on Pinterest- also affectionately called Pinners. Since there are lots of pages you are supposed to doodle on in the Wreck It Journal, I've decided to follow this October Prompts list. ;)
AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE AMAZING ABBY AND THE PENS!! This girl is AMAZING in everything she puts her mind or hands to! Love you girl!


  1. wOW!!! that is so cool and looks like tons of fun!!!! did she make it...? how so darn sweet of her though!
    can't wait to see the results of the october challenge! =)

    1. Isn't it though?! No, I don't know where she got it... But I had seen one when we were in Seattle, and fell in LOVE with it! I just didn't have enough monies on me. ;) I'm so excited! I've been taking it EVERYWHERE with me. :)

  2. Awww! Hannah you're the sweetest!


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