Ode to Mommy

Hello World!
  If you have been following my blog at all...You probably know Pur et Simple is my dear sweet momma.
But what you don't know is, today is her birthday!
She is one of those amazing people, who doesn't age.
 (So don't ask me how old she is, as I never remember, and will answer 30.)

She is one of those gorgeous people, who have amazing hair, that I love to play with!
She is one of those adorable people, who has a great sense of style.
 She is one of those brilliant people, whose hip with the times.
She is one of those incredible people who actually have a favorite color! (Aqua!)
She is one of those gnarly people, who lives for the beach.
She is one of those delightful people, who can make my dad laugh at any time.
She is one of those endearing people, who loves her family.
And she is one of those few marvelous people, who is my favorite.
I love you mommy!

 Happy Birthday!


  1. This was the sweetest little gift! Thank you so much, Hannah. I am so blessed that your are my daughter.

  2. You're mother is blessed to have you as a daughter. I can tell you really love her and admir her. Beautiful pictures by the way :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much Vanessa! Yes, yes I do. :)

  3. awww. your mom seems absolutely lovely. ^^


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