Some Fall Fashion...

Hello World!

  I think that I had mentioned previously that I wanted to start posting on fashion...And I did. But to officially title this a 'fashion blog, with some posts on life thrown in' I think I need more than one post. ;) So the other day when my sweet mama and I were making a coffee run, we stopped along the road and snapped a couple shots for me to post on. So aha, a second fashion post!


My favorite Zebra Girl gave me the DC shirt when she was visiting there earlier this summer. Boy has it become one of my favorites! It was originally a crew neck, ( which I personally can't STAND to wear ) but with following this helpful tutorial from Pinners, it is now one of the comfiest shirts I own. :)
Plaid: BEA Jack's Girlfriend
Shirt: DC
Jeans: Levi
Red Wool Socks: Costco
Black Heeled Oxfords: Thrifted
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  1. You're rockin' it, love. Keep it up <3

    p.s. I seriously just love this outfit. ugh.

    1. Aw thanks darling. :) Means a lot coming from you! ;)


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