It's a bit of a story...

   She tightly grasped at the hat on her head as the wind swayed through the trees trying to grasp the suitcase out of her hands, and the coat off her shoulders. Anxiety and impatience haunted her as she made her way along the well worn path. She stopped. And so did the wind. There it was. The small house in the woods was where it always had been before. She walked up the stairs, hearing them creak with age as she climbed them. She took the key out of her dress pocket and fit it into the wooden door's aged lock. It still fit, and with a click she unlatched the door and stepped inside. Though it was only noon, the dusty curtains made you feel it was midnight in the room. Setting down her suitcase she walked over to the window, and feeling the gloom of the room, pulled the curtains wide. Light streamed in. Gold hues danced along the sheet covered furniture, and the old dusty floor boards. She smiled to herself, as her eyes blinked in the light. "That's better." she declared to herself out loud. Surveying the room, she saw the work that needed to be done. Yet, something stopped her from rolling up her sleeves yet. Picking up her suitcase again, she began to slowly weave in and out around the furniture, and wandered over to the staircase. Climbing it, her hand slid up the banister with her. At the top was her room. It was barren from the move but it was still there, just like she had always remembered it. The eaved attic window was the only thing not covered. And the sun streaming in now sent rainbows along the wall. Walking over to the window she spied a dusting cloth lying on the windowsill ledge. Picking it up, she shook it out and walked over to the sheet covered hat rack. Pulling the sheet off in one great stroke, a cloud of dust rose up, exacting a cough from her. Leaving the sheet lying on the floor, she leisurely dusted off the familiar piece of furniture. When she'd finished, she slipped off her coat and hat, and methodically hung them in the spots she had issued as the proper places for each piece. Just like when she was younger. Deja Vu, and memories from the past flooded the girl as she rolled up her blouse's sleeves, tied a ribbon headband around her curly bob, and went around dusting off the old wardrobe, and bookshelf. The dirty sheets she placed off to the side and placing her suitcase on the barren bed, she started to unpack her things. She placed her favorite books on the dresser, Barrie, Chesterton, DiCamillo, and Dickson, and her clothes in the wardrobe. Polishing up the mirror on the wardrobe's door she surveyed the room from the mirrored view. Sighing with satisfaction, she swept a runaway curl out of her face and walked towards the staircase. Turning, before she went down, a smile played on her lips. It felt good to be back.

Hello World!

Though that quip is fictional, it's what I have been feeling for this little blog of mine. It's been quite neglected and I need to come back, air it out, and start writing on it again. I decided this morning that a post was quite badly needed, and decided to switch it up and write an intro. I don't fancy myself a writer. I'm too flighty, I think. I doubt I could ever finish a book. So instead, while listening to musicals and sipping coffee that my sweet mama awakened me with at 6:00 this morning, I write short paragraphs to suffice as intros to blog posts as a ways to try to explain my absence.
I will admit...I'm eating humble pie.
I can't really be poking and prodding at you to write blog posts when I myself am sorely lacking.
I guess the hardest part is wondering what the heck to write about.
So this post is about, dusting off my keyboard, and adding a new widget to my sidebar.
That's right.
I've joined the world of Instagram!
I'm That_Polkadot_Girl.
I'm not like the A-mazing(!) Instagrammers out there with drop dead gorgeous pictures, I'm not too witty, and I'm not famous.
But perhaps you'll get a kick out of following me if you have thus far enjoyed following  
my blog. :)
Besides reading my heart out and listening to musicals non stop, that's about what's new with me.
Till the next post, which I (will try) to promise won't be too far in the future. ;)


  1. I'm glad you're back. I've missed you ❤

  2. AMAZING. And hey! You are back! I am glad you are~

    1. Aw, thank you Vanessa! It's good to be blogging again. :) Also, thank you for such a compliment! I had a lot of fun writing up this post. :D

  3. *slow clapping*

    bravo my dear!!! you're alive and kicking! can't wait for more (HINT HINT).

    advice: just start writing. just don't let the cursor blink, type so fast that its solid.

    then step back and discover what was on your mind. it may be pointless, but sometimes... its gold. :)


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