#Adventure Days

Hello World!

 Last Thursday we were spontaneous.
 If you know my family, you know that isn't really how are schedule runs, so it was a random sunny day for us . ;)
But we snagged some Ziploc adventure bags,
packed a lunch,
grabbed sunnies, cameras, and coats,
made a music playlist,
and headed to the Edmunds to Kingston ferry!
We leisurely spent the day beach combing and enjoying the glorious sun.
And I took random and #whileinbetween photos.
That is mainly what this post is about, so enjoy. ;)

On the ferry ride to Kingston...

  Once we landed, coffee was first on the list.

   I mostly sat and sun-bathed so yes, this is practically the only picture I have when we were on the beach.

Waiting for the ferry back to Edmonds... 


 Back on the ferry, riding home.

And that was about it.
A simple post, but so much fun!
 I hope to post more about our adventure days/field trip days, so stay tuned. =)
Also, these are all pictures taken on my phone, with no editing done.
The weather was THAT glorious!