"Orange is the happiest color" Part 2

Hello World, and Happy Friyay!

First off, no I have not written a part 1 "Orange is the happiest color."
This is actually part 2 from last week's fashion post "What does the fox say."
Confusing yes, but since I am not wearing foxes in this post I felt I should choose a different title, and since this is actually a quote from Frank Sinatra (and if you know me at all) you know I would figure out a way to eventually mention Frankie in a post.

A HUGE shoutout to my awesome photographer Emmali! She is so talented, and a lot of fun to work with. Writing this part two post was so hard as I had so many pictures that were my favorite!
Thanks for reading guys, and if you get a chance you should totally check out her blog
The dress I am wearing I actually picked up from a vintage store while thrift shopping onGalentine's Day! It was a steel of a deal, and fit like a glove! How could I say no?
I am currently obsessed with braids.

Dress: Sweet Storm
Shoes: Nicole
Arrow Necklace, with matching earrings: Lauren Conrad
Belt: Coach 
Lip Gloss: Colormate ( Satingold Coral )


  1. I can see why it would be hard to pick a favorite!

  2. Love the one with the front door as a backdrop. The lighting is as beautiful as the model <3


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