Catch Up Part 2

Hello World!

So remember how in my last post I mentioned a concert?
Well here is part two of the adventure!
Do you also remember how I said it would probably be ridiculously long with perhaps blurry cell phone pictures? 
I'll try not to make this too long, but come to find out band members aren't very helpful in standing still so you can snap some great shots!  

The concert I went to was for the band, Switchfoot.
I have grown up listening to their numerous songs and enjoy them as a band, but I wasn't exactly a fangirl.
It actually makes the whole concert experience more fun, in my opinion. 
Normally I walk away from the show awed by the experience, performance, and bands themselves.
And then I usually become a fangirl.

When we arrived at the theatre, we waited in line for about 2 1/2 hours, and got great seats that were in the 4th row! But then a group of people started forming at the VERY FRONT of the stage...
Can you guess where I ended up?

There were two opening bands for Switchfoot, the first being The Exchange.

They are a pretty showy band that is willing to interact with it's audience and have fun on the stage.
At one point the main singer ( pictured ) just ran along the edge of the stage giving everyone who had their hands out a high-five.
Yep. I got a high five. ;)

At one point, Brit ( main singer ) poured water on a drum set making a water show to the beat.

Later, he grabbed a cymbal and circled around the stage playing it.

 The Exchange definitely knew how to party on stage!
Next up was Kris Orlowski.

His sound is mellow, but that doesn't mean he didn't produce as great a show as the first opener.

His guitarist knew his stuff!

Both of the opening bands I had actually never heard of, but both really rocked the stage and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each one's different and unique sounds.

And then Switchfoot came to the stage! 

I'm pretty sure this was the point right before Jon Foreman ( main singer ) shook my hand.
I became a fangirl after that moment.

Jon really interacts with his fans/audiences making really memorable shows.
This was him leaving the stage to go sing out in the middle of the crowd.


Tim Foreman ( Left ) and Jon Foreman ( Right ), brothers.

 Artsy shot before they started playing "Hello Hurricane"

Someone from the audience sent a flag up to the stage that had a song title on it for them to play.
They didn't play the song, but Jon did wear the flag as a cape!

Even with an encore the show ended all too soon! 

Afterwards we found our way to the merchandise booths where my mom and I met Kris Orlowski ( super nice guy ), and my mom purchased his tuneful CD, which he signed.
I didn't have enough money on me to buy his CD, and I was stupid and didn't have paper or a pen, so I asked if he would be willing to sign my arm.
Even though I bought a shirt from The Exchange, which they signed for me, I hadn't thought to do so till after all of them signed my other arm.

Some of the souvenirs from the night. 

It was an awesome day and an amazing night.
Switchfoot played some of my all time favorite songs,
I met members from two new bands,
I got autographs, and souvenirs.
There were light shows, and crowd participation.
There was music so loud it took me all the way home before I realized it wasn't still playing.
I have a thousand pictures, and so many more great memories.
I even made some new friends.

And as a way to end, I thought I'd sign off with a video of Drew Shirly, one of the guitarists from Switchfoot, playing an amazing solo.





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