Cousin Time

Hello World!

So the reason for my absence this week was because,
 I was enjoying a visit from my cousin!

She stayed with us for about two weeks, but her visit flew right by!
I am already missing her like crazy, and have started scheming and planning ideas for a visit to her side of the states, where a lot of the family on my dad's side also resides.
For fun we did a photoshoot together and when I asked her what brands she was wearing she casually replied with
"Oh, Forever 21 is pretty much where I get all of my clothes."
I had to giggle as I'm just kind of the queen of thrift-shopping.  

Her trip was really low-key as she just wanted to come spend time with us, but we managed to fit in some fun activities along with down time;
 Like staying up watching old movies she had never heard of,
Reading for hours together,
Cheering each other on with swimming lessons our family has recently started,
Going for walks,
Visiting the EMP Museum in Seattle,
Chatting about everything and anything,
Introducing her to some of my besties, ( <3, <3 ) 
Taking a Self-Defense Class,
Visiting new libraries,
Picking blueberries,
and shopping for clothes together.

And that is a little catch up this week. 
I'll hopefully be getting back into the groove of blogging soon too, so stay tuned! 


  1. This is the best photo shot! Glad you got to spend time with someone who I can tell is dear to you!


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