Driving and racing and laughing and more driving.

Hello world!
Last weekend we all trekked on down to Portland OR en route to the Mount Tabor Longboard race!
I didn't get too many pictures this time.
And some of the ones that I did get are insanely blurry.
I swear my Dad only gets faster with each race!
But I am getting ahead of myself.

My setup in the car;

It is definitely a long, but scenic, drive

A Mount Tabor Tree!
Because I thought to take more pictures of the tree,
Than the actual park/track...

On the day of the race,
I climbed to the top of the Mount Tabor to watch the racers take off at one point.
But I per chanced to stumble across this piano along the way.
As I was playing, I had this guy come up and ask me to replay a song for him and his girlfriend.
The two of them were so adorable!
I had a lot of fun serenading a pair of lovers in the park.
*insert sheepish dorky lovesick smile*
When I got up and turned to start walking back down the trail,
I was surprised and completely flattered by a bravado of clapping.
Looks like I had more of an audience than I knew!
And to top it all off,
As I walked back to where my family had camped out
I had a whole bunch of people who were walking the trail
Stop me and thank me saying that I had completely made their day.
Honestly, the fact that they were willing to stop and
1.) Listen ( even though I bumbled my way through a lot! )
2.) Take the time to thank me
It was more than I could take.
If they thought I made their day, their perspective was wrong. :)

I am sorry!
All of the pictures of my dad are really rather horribly blurry!

He aced the hills!
Watching him is pretty thrilling.

 We grabbed Stumptown coffee after the race...

And all too soon we were bidding ado to my brother and his rommies 
(Whose place we inhabited to bunk down in)
And hitting the road that leads home.
So long Mount Tabor!
Until next year.


  1. I wish could have gone! The story of the piano and the couple is adorable! Looks like a fun time (:

    1. It was a fun time! Next year we'll have to see if something can be worked out! :D

  2. Oh, I adore that story about the piano! I'd love to find a piano somewhere like that. <3

    1. Thanks Girly! :) I wrote a small poem about it when I posted it on Instagram. :) It was SO FUN! I would LOVE to go do it again! <3

  3. I can't belive I just saw this post Hannah its beautiful!!!!

  4. That piano story is so stinkin cute. The whole thing sounds like something from a book!
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs from Hayley xx

    || http://hayleyoliviareflectionsofme.blogspot.com/ ||

    1. Thank you so much!!! You are the sweetest! <3
      Thanks for stopping by. :) <3 <3


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