Hello World!

  In my last post I mentioned briefly how when my cousin was here visiting, we went to the
E (experience) M (music) P (project) Museum.
My mom wrote a much more involved post on it, so I thought I'd do a #whileinbetween post with the random pictures I took of and in the museum.


As I was uploading pictures for this post, I realized I had taken a LOT in the Nirvana section. Which makes sense, as it was probably close to my favorite exhibit. The other pictures were one's that made chuckle as I recognized the films they were from, and whatnot.
And the hoverboards? Yeah, that exhibit made my day. ;)

Have you gone?
What were your favorite exhibits and sections? 


  1. I haven't gone to this but it looks like a lot of fun. The 13th picture up from the bottom with the human body is pretty rad.

  2. THATS LIKE MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!! nirvana for life gurl;)

    1. The Nirvana section was so surreal!!!


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