Hello world!
As you know my Dad longboards.
What you don't know is that he has wanted to ride down the Maryhill Loops Road since last year when he first heard about it.
I know it has taken my sorry rear much longer than necessary to write up this blog post about our family's trip to Goldendale Washington, but in my defense I did take a LOT of pictures that have needed some sorting through.
I know my mom has done some in depth blogging on the trip, so my post will be more of random pictures of some things we did, the scenery, and what not.
Speaking of which, the scenery was pretty breathtaking!

I had a happy snoozer while I read.

Goldendale has a Drive Through Zoo which we cruised through one day.
The giraffe

And zebras.
Deer were a common sight on this trip, especially this doe with her two fawns.
The Stonehenge World War I Memorial

The Goldendale Observatory

The Skate Track.
The starting point?
See the tree in the far left?
That's the start.
The view from the top.
They use UHaul trucks to get the skaters up to the top.
According to my younger sibling, this one had my dad in it, but I can't seem to spot him.
It was SUPER windy the first couple of days.
One had to really hold onto their hat, or wings in my case.

 I bought this pair of wings for a costume party I went to as a fairy last fall.
They frequently occupy my shoulders at home.
For Ellie's birthday I decided to wear them as they seem to make a big splash with little girls.
When my dad came home he casually remarked,
"Are you going to wear those to the races? You can be my little fairy!"
So last minute, like the car was loaded and we were getting in it last minute,
I snatched them up and wore them the entire time on our trip.
Some of the other skaters really believed I must be magic as the wings never came off.
On further questioning as to my wearing of them, I simply replied
"Well he may be called the Silver Longbaorder but he zooms by like a silver bullet.
 So I grew wings so I can catch up to him and take pictures as he speeds by."  

A kiss for luck.

And then pretty soon we were saying goodbye to Goldendale with it's white G made from tires, 

Adorable houses we would pass everyday,

And it's all too few coffee stands.


 This guy said "Peace" to every car we passed.


 As soon as we had unpacked the car and suitcases and put sleepy kids in their beds,
Mango ice cream was on my list!
And that was our trip!

Photocredit for some pictures:


  1. This post made me smile, because this is my hometown. :) I lived there for 14 years, until about two years ago. ;) It's pretty much my favorite!

    1. Aw, thanks Becca!! It's been so long, I'm so happy to know you read my blog. :)

  2. AHHH! The post I have been waiting to see is here! I didn't know golden-dale has a drive through zoo! That's so amazing, I am going to have to visit it one of these days! The fact that your dad longboards is just awesome and the fairy wings. Great post and these pictures were so much fun to look at.

    1. Thanks SO MUCh Vanessa! <3 The zoo was definitely fun, though just a little short. ;)

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! That ice-cream looks so nice, I kind of want to reach through the computer screen and...well, you get the picture.

    That picture from the zoo is so cool! Giraffes are my favourite animal (next to owls), mostly because my sister calls me a giraffe all the time. And the scenery looks so beautiful! Gosh, your pictures are absolutely fabulous, and I can't wait to see future posts!

    1. Hahah, the ice cream WAS the bomb! :)
      Thank you so much Sunset, I'm happy you have enjoyed reading my blog, and will *try* to get my next blog post up soon. ;) Stay tuned. :)


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