Liebster Award

Hello World!
I've recently been branching out a bit with my blog of late.
I have started to open up more about my personal health and lifestyle and just what goes on day to day.
And I have been checking out more blogs and coming across some really sweet bloggers!
A few new ones that are shaping me would have to be;

And then there are those blogs that I have followed for a while that still continue to inspire me.

Before you go further, I'd love it if you would take the time to check out these beautiful gals and their lovely blogs!
I promise you will go away blessed! <3

The second order of business is;
I have recently been seeing the Liebster Award/ Tag going around!
Do any of you know what the word Liebster means?
It's actually a German word used as a term of endearment.
AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! *heart melted* so sweet! :)
And I have decided to go ahead and do it on my blog!
(No, of course I'm NOT doing this because I'm procrastinating from working on a fashion post.)
*wink wink*

There are actually some official rules to the Liebster Award
But since I was not nominated for it
I have decided to make up my own rules and ideas!

1.) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
(or in my case, who I got inspired by) 
2.) List 10 random facts or answer 10 questions about yourself.
3.) Create 10 new questions for your "nominees" to answer

Are you ready? Okay here we go!

Thank you Hannah, and Grace for the idea!
(Some of these questions are a combination of both of theirs)

1.)If you received a free ticket to anywhere in the world, and you had to leave tomorrow morning
Where would you go?

2.)What is your motto?
>> Carpe Diem <<
Translation // Seize the Day
But not as in a "Well we can do whatever as you don't know when you die. So minus well live it up with boos, drugs, and sex"
But as in "Take the chances in life, and live passionately. Don't be bullied into being someone you're not. Be you and be the BEST of you that you can be! Live today for everything it has to offer, but choose things now that will benefit your future for the better. Life is full of adventures, chances, and experiments so don't be scared of what life holds. Trust God to take care of you, and not money or social status.

3.) How would your friends describe you?
Oh dear, what a question! ;)
Honestly though...
Vivacious, Cinnamon Role, Cupcake, Happy, Bubbly, Cute, Fashionable.
(Yes. I have been told/called all of the above by my baes. <3)

4.)Worst book that you have ever read?
Pollyanna Grows Up -Eleanor H. Porter
(which doesn't seem to bother me for sappy TV Shows, but in book form, I personally felt it to be a mess and a terrible bore. )

5.) What is your favorite hot beverage?

I'm actually going to have my lovely followers answer this one!
Cause if you know me at all...
This one is easy!
6.) Who is your all time favorite blogger?
It's actually no one that I am related to or know personally.
And it's a toss up between Disney or Susannah!
But either of these lovely ladies!
Both are so strong in their faith and are NOT AFRAID to say so!
Something I personally really enjoyed reading about when I first hit the blogger scene.
They are Jesus Loving people.
Not in a "Creepy person to the left, don't make eye contact" over the top person, but people who honestly love God so much that they are genuinely bursting with His light.
They are also very honest and open.
Something I have just come to appreciate about people in general. 
And they are ALWAYS super cheerful and bubbly!
Whenever I leave their blogs I am so encouraged and ready to face the day. 

7.) What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
I don't know why... It's just kind of fun though.

8.) 3 Favorite words that start with the same letter as your name?
Hello. Happy. Hedgehog.

8.) If you could instantly have the ability to be insanely good at anything, what would it be?
Being a better artist!?
I've always wanted to be able paint or draw really well.

9.) Black or Pink?
I REALLY love pastel pink!
And then there are bright pinks for lipsticks and of course the different shades of peach!
Also, pink is happy to me.
I like black and will actually wear the color now but it's definitely not my go to.

10.) Bling or no?
I used to definitely get dressed up!
Bracelts, anklets, earrings, necklace, rings, ect, you name it, I seemed to wear it!
But of late I'm finding I like styles that make me look feminine and elegant with out too much effort?
So I wear earrings and necklaces and anklets still, but not all at once.
I wear a lot of dresses which are a simple pull on and outfit done type of deal.
Plus I think I adore adding a pair of colorful and fun socks more readily to my outfit than a fancy accessory.  
Glitters and sparkles will always have my heart!
I mean, they are just so happy!
How can one not like gold sparkly polkadots!? <3

I have decided not to nominate anyone.
I have a feeling the people who I had in mind, have already been tagged...
But I would love it if you would fill out any or all of these 10 questions/facts in the comments below! :) 

1.) Stripes or Polkadots?
2.) Black or Pink?
3.) If you were to go on a all expense paid trip to any place for 1 week, where would it be?
4.) A book that shaped your childhood.
5.) What are 5 words that describe you?
6.) Do your initials spell a word? Or stand for any sort of organization?
7.) Favorite Song that has your favorite hobby woven into the lyrics.
8.) Favorite form of chocolate?
9.) A Bowl or Mug for when you eat soup?
10.) Favorite Card Game? 


  1. I'm so glad that you answered some of these questions!! Thank you so much for linking me, you're the absolute sweetest!!!!

    Let's see, I'll answer a couple-

    3. HAWAII!!
    5. Introverted, Dramatic, Petite, Opinionated, Quiet. I'm a bit of a contradiction. XD
    6. Nope! Not that I'm aware of.
    8. Any chocolate. Literally anything. Now I want chocolate.
    9. Bowl.
    10. Spades!

    1. Hahah, Thanks Grace! <3
      I was going to leave a comment on your blog this morning letting you know, but you beat me to it! XD Well, you know what they say... Early bird gets the worm...And I was a snoozing Pooh Bear. XD
      LOVE your answers btw!!
      And Yeah...I want chocolate too. It's killer not eating it. :p So you like dark chocolate? My FAVORITE is like 90% dark!!!! <3

  2. Coffee HAS TO be the answer to number 5!!! Right? (might cry if that's wrong but I don't think it is!) Carpe Diem is such a good motto! and Lol dark chocolate ( I am looking at your response above is my favorite) can't stand milk chocolate because it simply does not taste like chocolate. I need to do this tag! I have been tagged twice lol...

    1. Hahah, YEP! Coffee IS the answer, very good Vanessa! XD *Much applauding* Right?! Like it tastes like milk then, and chocolate needs to taste like, uh, chocolate!

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! You're the absolute sweetest <3

    1. I have been enjoying reading your blog so much! I'm really happy to have stumbled across it. :) <3

  4. ahhhh bae I love you so much thank you for tagging my humble blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hahha, Aw, bae you're so cute! <3 LOVE YOU!!!!!

  5. This is such a great post and I love your Liebster award button.
    I'll answer your questions... though you probably already know them. ;-)
    1.) Stripes or Polkadots? Polkadots are so happy, but I seem to have a lot of striped t-shirts. So...I don't know.
    2.) Black or Pink? - Black. It's simple and classic.
    3.) If you were to go on a all expense paid trip to any place for 1 week, where would it be? TAHITI
    4.) A book that shaped your childhood. (I can't remember that long ago, however, I loved The Cay, which I read a couple of years ago.
    5.) What are 5 words that describe you? (beachy, plain, organized, tan, fun)
    6.) Do your initials spell a word? Or stand for any sort of organization? nope
    7.) Favorite Song that has your favorite hobby woven into the lyrics. Fading West
    8.) Favorite form of chocolate? 72% dark
    9.) A Bowl or Mug for when you eat soup? a bowl
    10.) Favorite Card Game? Uno

    Love you!

    1. Love you too Mommy! Thanks for filling it out. :)

  6. Your blog is so cute! and I love how you love pink...I personally favor black more, but it's always nice to meet someone who's on the other end of the spectrum :)

    1. Thank you so much Rachel! <3 That is such a huge compliment to me. :) It is SUPER fun meeting people who are my opposites. I know a lot of people who prefer black, but it's what makes our friendships so fun. :)

  7. Like you, I don't wear a lot of "bling," but it is so much fun to wear cute dresses and skirts. It's funny, because either I'll dress all fluffy and cute-like, but then a different day I'll dress in combat boots, black skinny jeans, and a fandom shirt. xD

    I'm new to your blog, but it's so lovely! I especially loved all the blogs you shouted out. I follow most of them already, but I'll have to check the others out. :)

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Hahah, I know the *feels* Fandom shirts FTW!! XD

      Thank you so much, Katie! Your comment made my day! <3 I'm so happy you stopped by, and I hope you'll stay! xD

      <3 Hannah

  8. Random question: Why's 'hedgehog' one of your favorite h words? Does it have meaning or not?

    1. Hahah, funny you should ask. ;) Hedgehogs just happen to be my favorite animal. xD Thanks for stopping by my blog btw, your comment made my day! :D <3

  9. EEEEP The Liebster tag! This one is so much fun. I think I've done it like three times or something? Haha, but I've done it a lot but it's so much fun to answer questions when all the post ideas ARE GONE AGHHHH.
    I'll answer a few of them:
    2.) black probably but i don't really wear all out black ever. i just tend to like darker colors better i think :)
    3.) OOOH I WOULD GO OUT WEST. Definitely want to visit Yellowstone, Yosemite, and all those other national parks. I'd love to see the plains of Kansas and the lights of Seattle. YESSS. Basically a very nature-filled trip. YESSS.
    5.) Shy until known (DOES THAT COUNT AS ONE?), gullible (my friends said these NOT ME ;), dramatic, energetic, talkative
    8.) DARKKKK
    9.) Never tried a i'm not sure but will definitely have to try it out!!


    1. AAAAAAHHHHHH THANK YOU!!! I secretly stalk you on Instagram btw, so your comment PUT A TOTAL SMILE ON MY FACE. xD
      Your answers are SO cute!!!
      Eating soup from a mug is the ultimate, gurl!
      DARK CHOCOLATE!!! *Best friends forever now!*

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. 1) Polkadots
    2) Its a tough one, but I think i wouod choose pink.
    3) New York
    4) The Art of Racing in the Rain - its written from the perspective of a dog
    5) Funny (I hope), Organised
    6) Nope
    8) White chocolate
    9) Bowl - though I have to add I am not a fan of soup in general.
    10) Kings - its a drinking game - I hope that counts

    Your blog design is so pretty. Glad i found you u :)

      Also, your answers were so much fun to read, and thanks for the follow! <3


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