Speaking of Swimming...

Hello World!
So in my last post I mentioned I'd started swimming lessons.
Did you know it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a swimsuit?
I wanted to wear a one piece for lessons and it was pretty terrible shopping for one.
You'd think finding a one piece would be a cinch.
They are always modest and cover you.
*I'm learning how to swim people not catching a man!*
Some of them had so many cutouts it minus well be a bikini.
Anyways, once I found one that looked decent ( i.e. not a neon color or leopard print.)
We may have also gone swim suit shopping at the end of June.... ( But that is beside the point! )
(For those curious, I was able to finally find one and have been super pleased with it!
I am almost thinking that the suit needs a review all on it's own...)

But this post is actually to let you all know about a giveaway!!!
Pretty much the day after buying my new suit,
I was on Instagram and randomly came across a grammar who was posting about a giveaway
For a company called Albion Fit.
It is an amazingly beautiful and aesthetic swimsuit company
You should go follow them on Instagram
I drool when I see their pictures
Their swimsuits are seriously gorgeous.
But they are QUITE pricey...
Thus any giveaway they are having I want all of my friends to get in on the good news and chance!



They also have some TO DIE FOR WORKOUT CLOTHES!

Okay, back to what I was originally talking about
There are only 5 more days left to enter their super fun giveaway!
They are simply asking you to
1.) create an Adventure board on Pinterest
2.) pin some of your favorites from Albion Fit!

Who knows?
You could win.
I may end up being insanely jealous...
But 5 random people will be chosen as winners.
And the prize?
A free swimsuit.

These are my own personal thoughts on what I have only simply seen of this product.
It was my own soul decision to write this post.
I haven't worn any of their product so I cannot vouch for it,
and this post was by no means sponsored by Albion Fit. 


  1. Replies
    1. RIGHT!? When I am a millionaire I will buy them all, and shower my friends with them as gifts. ;)

  2. The workout clothes just got me all excited to try and enter this! I love the swimming suits too! I know what you mean about how difficult it is to find the right swimming suit! I have a simplistic style and cut outs seem to ruin things for me!

    1. RIGHT!?!? I have a huge wish list for this site. ;) Well... I'll admit, some of them I didn't mind the look or style, I was just frustrated with how many impractical suits there are when the purpose of a swim suit is to, you know, um, go SWIMMING!


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