Health Update

Hello World!
A lot of changes have been occurring of late.
And I have been sorely dragging my feet in writing about them...
Not only has the weather started to turn from summer to autumn, but my body has been undergoing new "treatments."
I had set up some goals for myself last month
( i.e. drink more water, no sugar, workout, do yoga, eat breakfast, eat veggies, drink more tea )
I went for a good almost two weeks with doing most of that...but still there was no improvement.
Now to some people they would say I need to be more patient, but when there is no improvement and you're getting worse?
It's really rather discouraging and not very good.
My mom and I are thinking I may be severely suffering from a autoimmune disease, which could be resulting in me having "Leaky Gut" and IBS as symptoms.
The basis of the definition for Leaky Gut is where when one's intestines and stomach is so inflamed it doesn't digest food properly and the food leaks out into your bloodstream.
Now doesn't that sound pleasant?
Since then my mom and I have started reading through Dr. Sarah Ballantyne's books, who is otherwise known as the Paleo Mom.
The thing about autoimmunity diseases is that a lot of trouble is caused by eating certain foods.
But just like some foods harm, others heal. 

So I am currently reading through this cook-book as well and trying some new recipes.  

I also plan to start reading through this one!

So part of this post is to tell you all I am going to pull a "Julie & Julia" where I am going to play the role of Julie Powell and go through a cook book by Julia Childs, and blog about every recipe!

Except... I'm not Amy Adams... And Sarah Ballantyne is not Meryl Streep...And the cookbook is not about French cuisine...
But you get my drift, right!?

I have been eating AI(Autoimmune)P(Paleo) for almost 5 weeks now.
(The crossed out foods are the items I am actually allergic to)  

Do I see a change?

Yes and No?

I have more energy on most days
But I am still suffering from a lot of my same symptoms.
It is SO EASY for me to get discouraged and depressed about how I feel, and how my body acts when it isn't happy.

Two things that have helped me though?
and my family.
My mom is the world's best!! I know some other people feel that way about their own moms, but if you could be in my shoes and live with my mine for one day you would understand why she is ranked so high on my list of favorite people.
She is my best friend and my shoulder to cry on.
She always knows the right things to say and how to comfort.
My siblings and dad have been able to key into when I am not feeling well and are so quick to ask me "Are you doing okay? How are you feeling today? Are you going to be alright? Can I get you something?" and to give me grace and patience on my bad days.
Recently I have also started reading through the book of Daniel again in my Bible.
It is amazing as Daniel and his friends, Hannaniah, Mishael, and Azariah
(later known as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)
are taken out of their homes and placed in the king's palace to become scholars.
While there, Daniel and his friends ask if they can eat of food that God made instead of eating of the food from the king's table.
( So eating Fruits, Veggies, and Meat instead of man made foods)
At first the person in charge of the food wants to deny Daniel's and his friends requests as he believes that these four young men will lose stamina and health and become ugly to look at.
(And the king specifically asked that the scholars be unblemished young men.)
Daniel entreats to the king's servant to give him and his friends 10 days as a test trial on the different diet and if in the allotted time Daniel and his friends look worse in health they are to go back on the king's diet.
Well, the king's servant lets them...and after 10 days they look healthier and are in better condition than any of the other young men picked to become scholars at the king's palace!
God blesses Daniel and his friends for choosing to eat right as well!
He makes them the most wise out of all the scholars and gives Daniel the talent to interpret dreams!
(Daniel 1:1-21)
While on the AIP Diet that is pretty much all I am eating.
and Meat.
I feel a connection to Daniel in some ways now.
Anyways that is my health update and news for this week.
Since this post has turned out on the longer side I'll leave it at that.
Next week I'll start my reviews on the recipes in the book and on my favorite food finds!
I think I may copy Autumn and add verses to the end of my food posts...
So I can remember that food IS a gift from God to be enjoyed.
It is healing to the body and not always harmful.
And I do need to be patient and look ahead with the idea that this is a trial God has set for me to grow closer to Him.

Are you a Julia Child fan? Food lover or Food eater? What is one comfort food for you?


  1. Changing your diet is always hard, paleo seems difficult! Do you know how much I LOVE BREAD? Like I am having a bagel as I read through posts! BUT if you can do this and adapt you will feel so much better about yourself. As my aunt who is too obsesses with the progress she made walking and eating no carbs and fat says "I have will power, that's something most people don't have." Ya got this.

    1. Aw thanks Nessa! <3 Yeah... the bread is the one thing I miss. :/ Though I am allergic to gluten, and I have been strict with my allergies for close to 8 months now!

  2. I'm sorry this is happening to you...I personally know the intense and helpless frustration you feel when there is something wrong with you and besides not knowing how to cure it, you also don't even know what it is.

    Changing your diet can be hard, but often it's very worth it. You're lucky to have your family with you while you're going through all this.

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

  3. I appreciated this post! I'm doing my best to keep up with all your diets and "next steps" but it gets confusing. This definitely helped <3

    1. is confusing. :/ I get mixed up myself sometimes!! YOU SHOULD, BUT LIKE ALSO YOU SHOULDN'T, CAUSE IT'S SAD, BUT THE COOKING SCENES AND JULIA CHILD ARE AMAZING, BUT LIKE IT'S SAD, AND MADE ME NOT LIKE THE MOVIE, CAUSE IT WASN'T A HAPPY SAD, OR EVEN A GOOD SAD, IT WAS JUST LIKE...SAD. :,( But you should watch it so you get some of my references and quotes. ;)

  4. P.S you got this girl. Love you! Remember I'm here if you ever need anything (even if its just a day off ;)

  5. I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this. I've watched friends go through similar experiences, so I know it's really hard. Praying for you!!! ♥♥

    1. Thank you Grace! <3 That means the world to me. XOXO


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