Just Living

Hello World!
Prior to my blogposts title, I have indeed been living!
I have also seriously gotten out of hand with blogging....
My excuse is that I have been busy?
I know that is always my excuse but upon looking at my calendar literally every day has been filled in.
I wanted to get this "Life Lately" post in BEFORE the end of August...
But better late than never right?  

Breathing: Beach air, Fair Food, Pigs, Dogs and Cats.

I'm hoping to add in a health update soon, but for now I'll just say the Autoimmune Paleo Diet

Drinking: Tea.

Reading: This one is embarrassing. I'm still reading 1984 by George Orwell. It's not that I don't like it! Hardly. But I seriously haven't had the time to read. Though I did happen to take a break and read Susan Branch's book Martha's Vineyard-Isle of Dreams. It is so so good! It is the last book in her autobiography series she has written, and it ends so perfectly! If you are not a Susan Branch fan, you NEED to check her and her books out!!!

Watching: Well good news is just like I haven't had time to read, I really haven't had much time to watch any movies either! 
One highlight would have to be seeing Suicide Squad with my older brother!

And one recommendation would have to be Phoenix.
It was brilliant!

Kris Orlowski
Mat Kearney
The Killers
Christmas Music
Frank Sinatra
Kenny G

Creating:  I HAVE been really busy in this area! I did some altering to some clothes so I can post on some fashion soon.
I sewed patches on a coat, (which will also be featured soon!)
And  I finished sewing up random projects my mom needed finished.
I even drew a little!
 It is very Great Gatsby Inspired by.


This rainbow that would appear every morning for the last glorious sunny days we had in August.
Double and full rainbows.
Late night snack runs in pajamas with siblings and my bestest friend, Millie
Coming home and listening to the record's Millie had brought along with her.
Millie came and visited me for four days and it was bliss!
We talked late, watched Jaws, picked blackberries and apples, laughed, listened to music, made a boatload of pesto, made meals together, and hugged a lot.
Don't take hugs for granted! When the person isn't close by you realize how much you miss their hugs. 

A birthday sleep over with my "twin" as Dineke and I affectionately call each other.
We both participate in the dancing I go to once a month, and everyone there gets us confused.
She had seen a hack to do each other's makeup blindfolded.
We were too chicken for that but we did do crazy makeup on each other!
She only had natural colors, and I had assorted lipsticks, so mostly we contoured! :D

  The morning of Dineke's birthday.
The day was mostly spent playing board and card games all day.
With a break to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and to eat cake.
  Watching the sunset on their property.
 Her elder brother's motorcycle needed a tune up ride...

Her dad was more than willing to give rides around the driveway.

The fair!
(Left to Right) Andrew, Dineke, Daniel, Me, and Bonnie.
A one man band,
 Pug dogs,
The Ferris Wheel,
 A Blooming Onion for him,
Waiting in line,
Mine, ( and Bonnie's ) favorite ride, the Freak Out.
Our faces post getting off of the ride.

Hating: How fast summer went by? I think everyone I know is wondering where all of the time went.

Pinning: Apparently the only thing I have done social media wise is be on Instagram...
So not much on Pinterest to tell, but I did pin some new quotes to my "words" board.

Thinking: "I REALLY want to get serious about my blog, and be better at keeping it up to date! 
I am hoping to start up again with fashion.
I have some ideas, and am thinking of starting a blogging journal!"
 * Thoughts - courtesy of my Mom and Grace Anne *

Looking Forward To: *Well, if this was supposed to be the end of August*

And as always, dancing!

Featuring: JOANNA!

Not only is she my brother's girlfriend, but she is one of my bestest friends. <3
We have known each other for quite a while and always have a hoot together! 


  1. It looks like you've had a really fun, full month!

  2. THIS POST!!!!! I LOVE IT! I like all your posts but this one is a favorite. The outfit you wore to the fair is so likeable. I really do like it, nothing I could see myself wearing but it is super! Speaking of the fair. I really want to go to it if thats the fair I am thinking about! We should have goneee!!! MAN!

    Paleo seems so hard by the way! I don't know if I could do it. Like I might give up if I tried so nope nah naw not going to try.

    ....starting a blogging journal? That sounds neat!!! OH! BTW I emailed you, not sure if you got that but Im letting you know! <3


  3. Aww you featured me :) the worst blogger this side of Canada hahaha.. I should get back to that...

    1. I LOVED your "lobster" post! Thanks for filling it out. ;)

  4. This is an awesome collection of photos! Your asthetic is always ON POINT GIRL!

    1. Awww, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ABBY!!!!!!!!! XD <3 XOXO


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