Tour De Compradres

Hello World!
Well, here it is!
The post I have been hyping you all with by posting sneak peak shots on Instagram of.
The Tour De Compradres concert, September 1, 2016.
Featuring: Welshly Arms, John Mark McMillan, Mat Kearney, and NEEDTOBREATHE

The night was amazing!
It was cloudy and cold the entire time with a little rain, but due to being in the mosh pit I kept plenty warm and the rain came down only as the last band, NEEDTOBREATHE came on.
Honestly though?
The rain just made the concert all the more unforgettable!
I hadn't heard of the first two opener bands before but I was shocked and wowed!
Welshly Arms was a mix of Artic Monkeys and Nirvana meets folk.
Which means I liked them. ;) 
John Mark McMillian ended the night by singing "Can't Help Falling in Love with You."
When I realized what he was singing I started to sing along resulting in other's hearing me, which ended in the whole crowd singing!
Mat Kearney I have known about for a while so I was definitely thrilled to see him live in concert!
He played one of his songs that is my all time favorite ( RUNAWAY )
And sang the chorus to a Twenty One Pilots Song, and a U2 song.
They were as much of a showstopper as Mat Kearney!
When the main singer, Bear Rinehart, started to sing the chorus to a Killers song though, that's when I knew I would forever be a NEEDTOBREATHE fan.
They also sang some of my absolute favorite's of theirs, like Difference Maker, Brother, Money and Fame, Hard Love, Clear, and When I sing.
My souvenirs from this concert was a CD by all three of the opening bands.
(Some of the members from Welshly Arms were in the merchandise booth, and they gladly signed my CD)

And that was my concert experience!
I personally thing that concerts are amazing!
Even though sometimes I can be a Scrooge with money and not like having to pay for the ticket...
They are ALWAYS worth it!

Know of any good concerts coming up? We should totally go, and mosh together!
Are you a concert person?



  1. Oh my goodness, that's so cool! I've actually never been to a concert- I think I need to change that:)

    1. What!??! You need to go to one gurl! They are the bomb diggity. :)

  2. CONCERTS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!! I've only seen some bands when they end up traveling up here, where I live-- but THE ENTIRE CROWD SINGING SOUNDS SO COOL OH MY SHISH KEBABS! That sounds amazing!!!

    xoxo Morning

    1. GAHHHHHH, I COULD LIVE JUST FOR CONCERTS!!! There is some sort of awe struck beauty in whole masses of crowds all cheering for the same thing. <3



    1. I TOTALLY WOULD GO TO A CONCERT WITH YOU!!!!!! Funny thing is I saw a girl who looked like you, and TOTALLY did a double take. X)

  4. These are the best photos ever!!!!!!!


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