Salmon Chowder and Health Update

Hello World!

Okay so first things first lets get the messy out of the way and talk health!
As you all know I'm currently eating AIP ( Auto Immune Paleo).
And I have been on the diet for...*checks calendar*... 3 months now!!!
That is kind of exciting as it hasn't felt like that long...
I'm also seeing a new doctor.
(I'm really happy about that change!)

Okay quick re-recap;

I went to the IBS Treatment Center and got re-allergy tested and had (yes, you can say "EW") stool testing where I found out that I was allergic to a whole mess of foods, and am also suffering from a Fungal Overgrowth in my intestines, Bad Bacteria and having pretty much close to no Good Bacteria to fight off the infections in my body.
The first doctor who I saw at the center was AMAZING!
She was sweet, kind, and had suffered from a lot of the same symptoms which made her relatable.
She was pregnant and on taking her maternity leave left with a promise to come back.
The sub doctor I got as a replacement..?
I did not like her so much...
All of the above reasons for why I liked the first doctor are a couple reasons why I didn't like the latter.
And then come to find out my first doctor wanted to be a fully time mommy.
I was thrilled that she made that decision!
But I liked her as my doctor too!
While at the IBS center we found out about a lot of my problems but there was no relief.
So we wondered if perhaps I may have "leaky gut" or some other type of Auto Immune sickness.
In which case the AIP diet plan is supposed to help heal your gut and thus why I started it.

Okay back to the original Re-cap; 

So, I left the IBS center and am now seeing a Naturopathic who I am really adoring!
My first doctor's visit with her she spent 2 1/2 hours talking to me and mom and going over all of my symptoms listening to my problems and making sure she understood everything!
I had some blood testing done and am currently waiting on some results before we can really go further but after 8 viles of blood later we do have some things narrowed down and some new tips to try.

1.) Whatever is wrong with me IS in my gut! Which means there is no other serious health issues we didn't know about.

2.) I don't have cancer! Which is kind of really nice to know.

3.) My blood type is A Negative! This is random but it was fun to find out.

4.) Currently I am only eating cooked veggies instead of raw. My insides are so inflamed I am not able to digest food properly and the raw veggies are too hard on my gut.

5.) Chicken broth is a good source of nutrients but isn't as heavy as eating food.

Do I see change?
(I think that is the biggest question.)
Sadly, I still can only honestly answer with a "No."
I have a had a lot of days where I am so tired I just want to stay in bed,
Where the bloating is so bad I look 5 months pregnant and I don't fit into some of my old clothes,
Where the pain is so intolerable it takes my breath away,
And where food just isn't fun to eat or think of anymore.

But I'm trying REALLY HARD of late to purposefully "Choose Joy."

Choose Joy I get to go through this trial. Perhaps I can be of help to someone else who is in the same situation.

Choose Joy there are plenty of books to be read and schoolwork to do on my "bed" days.

Choose Joy that people had the amazing idea to create loose fitting dresses that look cute!

Choose Joy that I am alive. It is indeed a gift and I should be proud to live this life that God chose for me.

Choose Joy that I am more of an Introvert. It isn't always as depressing for me when I have to sometimes say no to events or stay home to rest and recharge. 

Now then...
On to today's recipe log.

Salmon Chowder
My mom actually just recently posted on this recipe and since she did such a fantastic job of writing about it if you are interested in how to make the recipe head on over to her blog to read about it!

My Review?
A 5/5 star for this soup!
It hit the spot on one of the many cold days that we have been having recently.
Plus it makes me feel like I am by the beach or on the East Coast when eating a fish soup.
Speaking of the East Coast I really want to visit it!

How about you?
Anywhere in particular you feel like visiting when you eat a fish related dish?
(Hah, I rhymed!)


  1. Salmon chowder sounds amazinggggg! I can almost smell it.

    I'm sorry about all the health-related stuff you're going through. You sound as if you're trying very hard and still not seeing which results, which is devastating. There's always the hope of new treatments, maybe the NEXT time it'll work, I'll get better...and then it just doesn't. But you seem to be trying to make the best of it, which is the best one can do. Keep it up.



      Thank you so much, Ella! <3

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  3. GIRL GOING TO READ THIS SOON! No time but I love leaving comments on your blog

    1. Hahaha, YOU are THE BEST, VANESSA! XD MADE my day! :) <3

  4. Replies
    1. I have heard of Kefir, actually, but I'm allergic to Goat's milk and thus can't drink it. :/ I'd love to hear of any other suggestions though if you have any. :)
      Thanks so much for the lovely comment! <3

  5. Hmmm.. are you allergic to cow's milk to?
    There is such thing as water kefir which is dairy free (and I think taste better :D )
    You may look up Montreal healthy girl on youtube. She isn't a christian thus some of her have humanistic / and immodest dress but she has alot of good info

  6. Oh my goodness Hannah, I am so sorry that you have to go through all this. I know it has to be the worst. Praying for you.♥


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