Cali-Dresses 3/5

Hello big world!

Today's dress I like extra much because when my papa saw me wearing it for the first time he remarked,
"I really like that dress on you! You look really pretty in it!"
And honestly, whenever my dad ( or brothers even for that matter! ) approve of a piece of clothing it's definitely going to be a keeper in my closet!
(Not like it isn't when my mom approves of it but my mom approves of pretty much most of my outfit choices and vice versa!)

Dress: LOVE21
Sweater: Old Navy
Tights: Legale
Shoes: strictlyCOMFORT
Necklace: Amazon
Earrings: Francesca's

What does your Fri-yay hold for you?
You should totally go and check it out.




  1. I love the pattern of the dress. So beautiful and autumnal--you picked a great background for the photo.

    Also, kind of off topic, but that's a super cool leaf you're holding in the first pic! It's so big!

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

  2. This dresses pattern is so gorgeous *heart eyes*

  3. That's so pretty- you look gorgeous!!


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