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Hello there World!

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but Evelyn Ashby and I have known each other pretty much all our lives.
We grew up together, have gone to the same churches together, giggle uncontrollably, have long fashion chats, stay up late and talk about everything ( seriously...cause when I stay up late I start to sleep talk and who knows what I'm going to say!), relate to each other and how small our hands are and how annoying it is when we play piano, have reading contests and converse frequently on the topic of books, Jesus, music, movies, people, life, college, school, water, working out, food, Instagram, aesthetics, blogging and Marvel. 

She started college this year and with my health we haven't had as many chances as when we were younger to get together as often, but last Wednesday we both carved out a time for us to go sweater shopping, (A fall essential!) get coffee/tea, and do some much needed catch up!

I brought my big camera along and even though I didn't document our Goodwill sweater experiences, I did nudge my lens into her face and ask her to be artsy for me (which ISN'T hard for her!) while we sat and drank our warm beverages. 

I want to get better at photography and have been trying to take my big camera to more places with me and document the experience. Whether it be at the Zoo or Fredmeyer and whether for pleasure or  just complete random memories to have. 

So I'm S.O. to my dear, Ashby and posting pictures of the beautiful girl that she is and some random coffee shot snaps!
I hope you enjoy, and thanks Ash, for being so patient! 

I hope these coffee vibes just made your Monday a whole heck a lot better!
P.S New Vlog Video up!
Also, how do you all feel about the size of the pictures? Too big? Good size?


  1. Loved this the photos are SO EXTREMELY AWESOME!

  2. AWW HANNAH! You're so sweet!! Thanks so much for the S/O and thoughtful words! This day was a blast. And the pictures turned out so good!
    I personally think the size is a *little* too big, my browser window cuts them off so I have to click them in order to see the full thing. Just a thought!

    P.s You're vid was so cute! I'm going to set up my youtube account so I can comment! (apparently I've only half activated my account lol)

    1. Wasn't it fun!? X) Hmm, okay thanks! I'll keep that in mind for the future then! I'm still trying to figure out how I can get them as big as I possibly can without them being cut off. :p
      Aww, thanks girlie! <3

  3. Woah, I had no idea that you two knew each other!! That makes me so happy oh my gosh. Y'all are literally two of my favorite bloggers so this makes me so happy.:)


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