Happy New Years!

Hello world, and Happy New Year! 

Since I stayed up till Midnight on New Years Eve, I saw many people post about their thoughts of last year. 
Some people said it was the worst year yet and hallelujah 2017 is finally here! 
Some said it was a struggle, but they weighed the bad with the good and looked on the bright side.
Some said it was just downright amazing.
I don't know how to yet label last year.
In one year...

I cried more than any other year.

I've watched myself grow mentally and physically weak and sick.

I saw God work through all my pain, and witnessed his powerful attributes in my life and calm my fears.

I made lots of friends by traveling.

I became a health nut.

I believed sugar and coffee are the fountain of youth. (Still do!)

I watched my younger brother become a mature teenager.

I became best friends with said brother and he is still my favorite dance partner!

I watched both of my older brothers start into a new section of life and enjoyed the adventures I had with them and their girlfriends.

I enjoyed having a "Aunt" who has become such a big part of my life in her extra spiritual and health guidance, amidst all the inside jokes and laughs.

I enjoyed the deep friendships, full of advice, encouragement and constant abounding love and forgiveness.

I enjoyed getting to know one of my cousins better and am looking forward to this year's adventure with her!

I enjoyed quite a few concert adventures and the memories and spiritual night of praising God they brought.

I enjoyed posting on fashion more and the photoshoots with my mom that came with it.

I enjoyed the relationship with my mom that is ever growing deeper, how I can read her mind and how we are best friends.

I enjoyed experimenting with clothes and fashion, and trying to feel comfortable in my skin, and my parents saying I dress cute even when it's a reindeer nightgown type of fashion day.

I enjoyed getting to know my dad on a more personal level this year, as I watched him enjoy living life with a passion that spews out and is contagious. 

I enjoyed driving lessons, even when I hit the mailbox or drove on the curb.

I appreciated the patience, care and love given to me by my family when it came to my health.

I enjoyed school field trips to museums, parks and chocolate factories!

I enjoyed trips to the beach, sunhats and messy buns full of sand.

I enjoyed books and being able to say I have read certain classics. 

I enjoyed the bloggers I met, and how close I have become with some of them. Even when I haven't been able to keep up at regularly blogging or in replying to emails....(You know who you are. ♡)

I enjoyed being in the kitchen and making more of the meals for the family.

I had the pleasure of meeting an author of a cookbook and being star struck.

I started a YouTube channel and pepole actually subscribed and watched my videos.

I got an ukelele, and played it till it made my fingers bleed the first time I played it.

I took pictures on my Nikon Camera and my poloroid! 

I enjoyed late night talks.

I enjoyed stargazing.

I enjoyed seeing old faces and picking up where we had left off. 

I enjoyed the joy of the Christmas season.

I enjoyed the making of gifts.

I really enjoyed the giving!

Last night, I enjoyed a walk outside with the snow falling in the dark, looking like you're in outer space if you look up. 

I look forward to the promises of last year coming true this year.

I may have felt pain the hardest in 2016, but I also felt love the strongest. 
I do have a confession.
I am scared of 2017.
What type of emotions, stories, adventures, relationships, friendships, memories, music, laughter, tears, heartache, smiles at midnight, late night reads, long night drives, first job, sock wearing, ukulele playing, loud music blaring,  dance parties, long board dancing, polkadot wearing, plane traveling, city walking, trusting in God, humbling, eye-opening, lipstick smearing, health steps, Instagramming, vlogging, and blogging, will be happening? 

I'm scared.
But I am thankful!
Thankful for a fresh start. 

This is an early morning ramble and a toast.
A toast to a New Year.


  1. Happy New Year! 2016 felt like one of those years where there was a see-saw balance between both the good and bad-- hopefully this New Year shall bring many good things.

    xoxo Morning

  2. This reflection of what 2016 was like for you was so beautiful! I really enjoyed reading this Hannah!

    1. Thanks SO MUCH Vanessa!!! It was eye opening to think about everything that happened this year, and to see so much good when I feel like a lot of bad happened. ♡

  3. I love this so much!! Stay strong girlfriend. You're such a warrior xoxox <3 <3

    1. THANKSSOMUCHASHBY!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡

  4. Great post Hannah . 2016 was a wild year for everyone I think. It was just one of those good bad, swirled all together years. God is very merciful and so good . I hope you find a way back to normal health this year! Prayers,

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah!! Blessings to you. ♡

  5. Happy New Year! You are so beautiful and I am so encouraged by your steadfast trust, faith and love in spite of your trials. The bible talks about what trials can do in our lives and you are living proof of the blessed refining and growth that can occur when a heart is bent towards God. I love you and am always praying for you... xo auntie K

  6. I am scared too. But we can do this. We've got this. <3

    1. With God all things are indeed possible! ♡♡♡


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