Some changes

Hello World!

   I'm sure you can tell not only by the title of this post but by the altered name and style of my little blog that some big changes are going on.
One of the changes is that I'm not going to hold myself accountable to posting 3 times a week like I once tried to do. Monday's aren't for adventures, Wednesday's aren't for food or health updates, and Friday's aren't for fashion. Now that is not because I don't still love fashion, go on adventures regularly or have found an antidote for my struggling health, far from that! But I want my blog to be a little more personal. I'm not as scared of the internet as my young self was when I first started my blogging endeavors and so I have decided to go by my actual name and try to be more "me" when I post. I don't want anyone to ever feel like I am the "perfect person, who has their life together" as to be brutally honest, I'm very far from that!
But that's okay.
I'm okay with the fact that I'm a beautiful mess, because I'm God's beautiful mess.

 Something that recently took place for me, was applying for and getting accepted into Everett Community College. while getting accepted into a community college may seem like no big deal, the fact that I have taken the leap into starting a new chapter in my life is a big deal. My plan for the next two years is to obtain an Associates Degree that majors in Photography. It's been a bit rough as the government has told me I don't qualify for financial aid, so I have been working my tail off in writing scholarships and praying I can win them to pay for expenses that way. Although at times it can be daunting, I know that my writing of about 3 essays a day is helping me gain more writing experience and should help make my English 101 class not feel so daunting. I'm pretty excited for this next adventure into the unknown world of college. Because I was blessed to be homeschooled all my life the idea of a classroom sounds intriguing, exciting, and mildly terrifying. But working hard for a degree that I am passionate about and inspired by is also really rather exciting!

  If getting hyped for new schooling opportunities isn't exciting enough, I have more news for all of you!

 My parents are in the process of starting a family business as specialty coffee roasters!
    (For this born and bred Washingtonian, I have leapt at the idea. I mean, um YES! Give me all the GOOD coffee!)
   *Yeah, sorry people, newsflash, but Starbucks isn't coffee.*
Where do I fit into all of it?
They have asked me to be the social media manager for the company.
I have so many feelings about this opportunity and they are all good!
To be a part of a business that my parents hope to retire into and support them on this venture is such an amazing experience!
  ( And it's a business that is, come on you all know it, pretty dang awesome! )
There have still been some hiccups with the county and making sure our enterprise is being set up correctly the first time through and waiting lots of asking and praying to God to make sure we are doing the right thing and waiting upon His timing for things to be properly laid into place, but knowing that this is my future for the next two years is pretty incredible!

   Anyways, I guess this post is a bit of a catch up? I'm not very good with communication which I'm sure many people find annoying and frustrating, so this post is a bit overdue. But at the same time my goal in life is not to be connected online with screens and a world of people I don't know. My goal is to connect with the people I see every week who I love and hold dear in my heart and spend quality time with them. My goal is to take adventures in life and live fully to the best of my abilities. My goal is to never stop learning and if that means I spend the whole day reading instead of on social media, than that is a day well spent in my opinion. My blog is turning more into a place where I document happy memories that I never want to forget. It's for sharing a little bit of what God has done into my life onto digital paper. And if the world is touched by what I share and feels like it encourages them to take the time to live life, then my blog is a success. This post is not to say that I won't be blogging, but just that my goal for blogging has changed.

  Until the next post, keep seizing every day for whatever it holds, my dear readers.

Taken by Yours Truly


  1. Eeep, I'm so happy for you, Hannah! You've taken a ton of large steps and I'm wishing you the best in your new adventures.

    Also, just a head's up: I've revealed two things on the blog today that would be cool if you took a part in! One is a tag idea I've been working on for some time, and the other is an actvitity that the blogging community did last year, so if you'd like to check that out, it's up! ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Abigail! Oooooh, sounds super intriguing and fun! I will definitely check it out! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, El! Also, I checked out your blog, and it seems like you post some pretty cool book reviews! I only did a quick "glance," so I will try to take a closer look at it soon. :)

  3. So excited for you, Hannah! I'm really looking forward to your new posts. :)

    1. Aw, thank you Grace! <3 You have always been one my most encouraging cheerleaders as a blogger friend. (:


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