MaryHill Fall Freeride 2016 AND a surprise!

Hello World!

As you know, I had just gotten back from a whirlwind trip to California (1&2, 3&4) when I was packing up my bag again for a trip back to Goldendale for the MaryHill Fall Freeride skate event! This time around not only was it just my Dad, Matthew, Daniel and myself who went but we brought a fellow skater who goes to our church along with us, and Caleb drove up from Portland to hang out with us for the weekend!

We left at around 9:00 AM on a Friday morning.

(Of course I had to take a picture of our favorite house!)

Once we hit the place we were staying at we unpacked the car and then heading on over to the track.
(My dad, Matthew, Micah, and Daniel.)

We came back "home," I took a looong walk and we chatted as a family till late and then hit the sack.
(The View; Mt. St. Helens...)
(And Mt. Hood.)

Saturday Morning we hit the track bright and early!
 (Picking our corners for the best shots.) 

Sunday 25th, day 3;

There is a local church in Goldendale that we attend when we our vising down there, so after going to their first hour service we made our way back to the track.
UHaul trucks bring the skaters ( and photographers ) to the top of the hill.
Caleb, and Ben hanging on the side.

(You can spot Micah in the back of this truck. Middle far back.)
(A lot of acquaintances and friendships were made this time around. This is Ryan.)

At one point I was a corner watcher for the track.
Which means that I sat on a corner...and watched it.
If there were any crashes further down the track I had to stop the oncoming racers and let them know that they couldn't go on until the track was cleaned up or if there were any crashes at my corner I had to call in on the walkie-talkie and let the other corners know so the could proceed with the subsequent actions.
My corner watchers with me at corner, 2 I mean, 3.
(And Max)

(Jerry in the middle)
(Mike Paproski, taking a newbie down)

The fun part about being the photographer is as the people get to know you and spot you while their heading down the track, they'll start to pose for you.
For some of the runs people go down in different character onesie suits!

After day 2, Caleb was coveting one of the many trikes that some of the riders take down the hill.
So on day 3...
He asked to borrow one and he went down the hill, himself! 

Pretty soon we were packing up and saying our goodbyes.
But boy, are we all excited for next year's spring ride!
Who knows?
I may even do it myself...
This fairy needs to learn how to take flight I think.

All photos were taken by your's truly, so please ask before using!
If you're interested in seeing more check out my dad's FaceBook page (Silver Longboarder) as I uploaded a ton of the pictures there.

ALSO SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you were able to reach the end of this post, congratulations!
I have no idea what the theme for my channel will be yet...
Any ideas, tips, tricks, or things you guys can off would be great!
Or if there is anything specific you would be interested in hearing me ramble on about?
I'd love it you guys left a comment or even subscribed!

And no... I didn't get my dates confused, but since I didn't get a chance to post this on Monday it's taking the place of my normal Friday post. 

Are you a longboard fan?
Is not my voice ear cringing?
What do you think? Do you have faith in my belittled vlogging ability?


  1. I love the picture of your brothers standing together looking at the windmills that is one of my favorite places in Washington! AND YAY! CONGRATS! You DID IT! Youtube and blogging will be so much fun for you! I loved this blog, I honestly can not wait to see another one of your vlogs! Please put another up soon! Also just a small tip! When you video on your phone hold the phone the other way? I don't know how to say this but it will be so the picture fills the screen instead of it being up right. Either way! AS LONG AS YOU VLOG!

    1. Hahhaha, thaaaaankkks. ;) I KNOW I AM SO SO MAD!!! I DIDN"T KNOW THAT IT WOULD CROP IT TILL I CAME HOME AND IT DID> :''''''( Thank you so much for the support, Nessa! <3

  2. You are the best my dear daughter. Thanks for enjoying skateboarding with me. You will always be my skate fairy.
    Love you much DAD aka silverlongboarder.

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